OSHA Begins Enforcement of  
Controversial Crystalline Silica Rule  
he Occupational Safety and trols, offer medical exams and develop save over 600 lives and prevent more  
Health Administration (OSHA) control plans related to the issue.  
began the enforcement of its con- Several construction coalitions filed year, once its effects are fully realized.  
troversial crystalline silica standard on a petition against the rule in April 2016. The final rule is projected to provide  
September 23,after a three-month delay. The petitioning organizations noted net benefits of about $7.7 billion, an-  
The silica rule, which has seen push- that the industry “presented substan- nually,” says the OSHA silica website.  
back from the construction and glass tial evidence that OSHA’s proposed PEL The rule was originally set to be en-  
industries, has been in the works since was technologically and economically forced within the construction indus-  
013 and is intended to limit workers’ infeasible” but that the agency moved try last June, but was delayed for three  
exposure to respirable crystalline silica. forward with the PEL anyway. months to allow OSHA to conduct  
It reduces the permissible exposure limit According to OSHA, as many as 2.3 additional outreach and provide ed-  
PEL) for workers to 50 micrograms million workers, many in the construc- ucational materials and guidance for  
per cubic meter of air, averaged over an tion and manufacturing industries, affected employers.  
eight-hour shift, and also requires em- will be affected by the rule. Long-term exposure to respirable  
ployers to implement engineering con- “OSHA estimates that the rule will crystalline silica can cause lung cancer,  
than 900 new cases of silicosis each  
Drug Testing Policies Become Increasingly  
he opioidIempidempicoharstyaet nto tpfaoirmrentGcalusaedzbiyndruggs,Iemnpldoyeurs stCoruynty Sin aOhfioe, 1t2y5 people between  
hit its peak and more states are unable to identify with accuracy the ages of 30 and 44 overdosed  
are continuing to legalize med- how an employee’s drug use might af- during the first nine months of 2016.  
ical or recreational use of marijuana. fect the safety of a jobsite.  
In the 45 to 60 age group, 103 people  
These trends can have an effect on  
the contract glazier.  
“Companies need to bring their overdosed,” he says. “This shows that  
drug testing policies up-to-date by this type of drug use can happen in  
Dave Daquelente, executive director looking at current local, state and fed- older generations.”  
of the Ironworker Employers Associa- eral law. When collective bargaining  
In a presentation at the Iron Work-  
tion of Western Pennsylvania, says it’s agreements are involved, there needs ers-IMPACT Safety and Health Round-  
important to implement appropriate to be a discussion on these policies,” table in July, Daquelente spoke about  
drug testing policies in order to pro- says Daquelente.  
the rise in e-cigarettes being used  
mote employee safety and health. The right drug tests should be used with THC oil instead of liquid tobacco.  
The current industry challenge is for the right reason,” he says.  
Marijuana use can be dangerous for  
that testing is only available for the  
“Different regions and generations employees while working, despite the  
presence of drugs, not impairment have different drugs of choice. It’s im- substance’s legality.  
caused by them. There hasn’t been any portant to keep in mind what’s being  
“A recent study showed that the  
approved way to test impairment due used by whom in your area,” he says. potency of marijuana is increasing.  
to drug use because the way drugs me-  
Daquelente says to be aware that In 1995 the average potency was 4  
tabolize in the body varies so much. In people from all age groups use drugs. percent. In 2015, it was 12 percent.  
the future, there will likely be a breath  
device to test,” says Daquelente.  
“Heroin and Fentanyl are not just Marijuana potency has been found to  
being used by young people in their be even higher in states that have le-  
Without testing to measure the im- 20s. In Cleveland and Cuyahoga galized medical marijuana.”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  
H.J. Martin and Son won a 2017 BUILD Wisconsin award for its Grande  
Cheese headquarters project.  
H.J. Martin & Son Honored  
he Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin awarded H.J.  
Martin and Son two 2017 BUILD Wisconsin awards in the Specialty  
Contractor-Finishes category.  
The projects honored were the Grande Cheese headquarters in Fond du  
Lac, Wis., and the Festival Foods Corporate Office building in De Pere, Wis.  
Grande Cheese constructed a new corporate campus, housing its admin-  
istrative offices and a research center on a 42-acre site. Completed in July  
2016, the 87,000 square-foot structure used extensive exterior and interior  
glass, which was handled by the glass and glazing division of H.J. Martin and  
Son. Sunshades and architectural aluminum work were also included.  
silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmo-  
nary disease and kidney disease, ac-  
cording to OSHA.  
U.S. Department of Labor’s acting  
deputy assistant secretary Thomas Ga-  
lassi issued a memorandum about the  
enforcement on September 20.  
“During the f rst 30 days of enforce-  
ment, OSHA will carefully evaluate good  
faith efforts taken by employers in their  
attempts to meet the new construction its requirements…If, upon inspection, it with Agency procedures, but those em-  
silica standard,” said Galassi.“OSHA will appears an employer is not making any ployers may also be considered for cita-  
render compliance assistance and out- efforts to comply, OSHA’s inspection will tion. Any proposed citations related to  
reach to assure that covered employers not only include collection of exposure inspections conducted in this time period  
are fully and properly complying with air monitoring performed in accordance will require National Off ce review.” n  
insulbar®…the First Name in Engineered  
Thermal Barrier Technology  
Industry-leading insulbar profiles offer a more effective way of breaking  
aluminum and are designed to increase insulation value, maintain desired  
room temperature, and minimize energy loss over the lifespan  
of commercial fenestration systems.  
insulbar benefits for a Perfect Prof le include:  
Wide range of cost-ef ective prof les from  
multi-cavity designs  
0 mm to 100 mm in straight, of set, and  
Custom prof les with extended features that  
can be incorporated into custom designs  
uValue ratings of .2 or lower based  
upon design  
Ability to hold tight tolerances for  
precision assembly and installation  
Resistance to chemicals, detergents, and processing agents  
Rapid prototyping available – inquire for details  
insulbar®...When Precision, Design & Logistics Really Count.  
For more information, call 856-227-0500, e-mail, or visit  
November 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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