Distribution Production  
Glaston Closes Deal with Manko  
for Furnace and Lamination Line  
laston Corp. has closed a deal first two Glaston tempering lines. new iLook Anisotropy online scanning  
with U.S based Manko Win- The two companies continued their system that visualizes and quantifies  
dows Systems for a FC Series long partnership in 2015, with the level of anisotropy or iridescence  
tempering furnace and ProL lamina- the delivery of two FC Series tem- in heat-treated glass, thus giving the  
tion line. The order was received in pering lines, and then a third line processor a tool to continuously mon-  
several parts, most of the value in the in 2016.  
itor quality and improve production  
This new FC Series furnace will methods.  
In addition, Manko has also placed  
second quarter and the remaining  
in the third quarter. The lines will be mark the fourth FC machine to be de-  
delivered to the customer by the end livered. All four lines have the iLook an order for the ProL flat glass lamina-  
of 2017. Distortion online measuring system, tion line, designed to provide accurate  
In 2002, Manko purchased its and this latest line will come with the and optimized heat transfer.  
Strybuc Industries Implements Carousel System  
trybuc Industries has installed  
a new carousel system in its  
Pennsylvania warehouse that is  
designed to increase the throughput  
of orders.  
The system brings parts to the ship-  
per, reducing travel time to pull parts  
for an order. It also introduces “batch”  
picking into the order flow, which al-  
lows a shipper to process six orders  
at one time. If a part is listed on more  
than one of those six orders, the ship-  
per will only have to go to the bin once  
to retrieve the part and distribute it  
among the orders in the batch.  
According to company information,  
a carousel system dramatically cuts  
down on shipping errors, integrat-  
ing the use of a lighting system that  
points to the bin where a part is to  
be retrieved and also illuminates the  
quantity. Inventory count accuracy is  
improved with a carousel system and  
the warehouse management soft-  
ware contains many tools to continu-  
ally assist in the correct slotting of the  
material. n  
Strybuc recently installed a new carousel system in its Pennsylvania warehouse.  
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