Finding Comfort in the Shade  
Dynamic Glazing Brings Modern Solutions to Longtime Problems  
b y J o r d a n S c o t t  
Suntuitive dynamic  
glass keeps excess  
solar heat out and  
mitigates glare  
issues at a Wendy’s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  
lass has evolved from being ican field sales at SageGlass.  
a simple material with basic  
Architecture firm BWBR selected a  
functions to a key component silkscreen pattern to help prevent birds  
of today’s buildings. It contin- from crashing into the building’s glass.  
ues to be a staple of modern The vertical line pattern has /  
architecture, and has proven to be a lines on 3-inch centers.  
solution to many of the problems it “We worked with BWBR and the  
sometimes creates, such as increased University of Minnesota and the Min-  
energy use due to higher temperatures nesota Audubon Society to select the  
caused by added sunlight.  
correct glass make-up. There is an  
Dynamic glass products, which can amazing amount of information and  
transition from clear to opaque, are research out there on how glass and re-  
used for both exterior and interior ap- flection effects bird line of flight,” says  
plications to provide sun protection Finley. “In this case we looked to the  
and privacy, respectively. Product de- industry best practices for glass fabri-  
velopment continues to advance those cation and bird-friendly patterns. The  
two known benefits.  
architect selected the line pattern for  
its overall threat factor rating and the  
aesthetic it provides.”  
The application of the bird frit silk-  
screen on the second surface allows it  
to be visible to the exterior continously,  
even as the glass goes from clear to  
dark during a typical day of operation.  
Dynamic Glass  
Gets Bird-Friendly  
“If the silkscreen was on the inboard  
lite it wouldn’t be visible when the glass The privacy glass panels can switch  
was tinted and therefore most likely from transparent to opaque.  
not distracting the bird flight pattern,”  
says Finley.  
The main reason for combining dy-  
namic glass and bird-friendly glass  
patterns was to meet Minnesota’s bird-  
safe building code (MN B3). The proj-  
ect team considered the threat factors  
associated with different frit colors,  
positions and patterns to meet the MN  
SageGlass’ bird-friendly dynamic B3 statute requirements.  
glass is one feature of the University  
The bird-safe requirements added  
of Minnesota Athletes Village project. to BWBR’s considerations during the  
project, but Finley believes the use  
Dynamic glass often is chosen by of glass on a major scale is worth the  
architects for its ability to reduce glare added work.  
from the sun, but when combined with  
“Glass is the new brick in commer-  
bird-friendly design, dynamic glass cial construction.With the evolution of  
becomes even more important to com- high-performance glass, buildings can  
munity well-being.  
be designed to incorporate an elegant  
SageGlass combined its electrochro- glass facade that provides both occu-  
mic glass with bird-friendly glass for pant comfort and energy efficiencies,”  
the University of Minnesota Athletes says Finley.“With more special interest  
Village project, which is scheduled to influence in urban development, we  
be completed in January 2018.  
learn more about the built environ-  
The design team put a large effort ment and the impacts it has on all of  
into solving sun problems on certain its surroundings. I am pleased our in-  
portions of the building while having dustry can be a part of the solution and  
to balance the university’s requirements not the problem.”  
to meet the threat factor for bird safety,”  
A conference room can be seen when  
not in use and made private during  
says Tim Finley,director of NorthAmer-  
continued on page 50 meetings.  
November 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
FcoinndtiinnugedCofrmomfoprtagine 4th9e Shade  
cent, according to Erich Klawhun, vice  
president of product management at  
View Glass.  
ANRotetarlloficotmtipnagnieOs pctainonfit  
the costs of dynamic glass  
“View dynamic glass reduces overall  
HVAC energy consumption by limiting  
unwanted heat gain in the summer,but  
allowing beneficial passive heat gain in  
winter by using a tiny electrical voltage  
to the electrochromic nano-coatings to  
darken the tint which deflects solar ra-  
diation,” says Klawhun.  
He also emphasizes that increased  
worker productivity and decreased  
absenteeism due to the better atmo-  
sphere created by glass adds to overall  
cost savings.  
into their budget, and some  
might not want to replace The Wisp power and control bar blocks  
a building’s existing win- approximately 3 percent of the window.  
dows. In those instances,  
there is another way to receive the desired benefits of dynamic glass.  
According to iGlass Technology Inc. CMO Maxim Khabur, the company’s poly-  
mer film is a cost-effective alternative compared to dynamic glass that can  
be used to retrofit windows.  
It is designed as a retrofit product, [for] upgrading existing windows, not  
replacing them. As a polymer multilayer film, it can be cut and bent to fit any  
window curvature and shape,” says Khabur. “Our Wisp technology uses low  
voltage for operation, which eliminate all electrical works. “There is no wiring  
or cabling involved.”  
According to Khabur, the sandwich film has an electrochromic polymer  
composition between the two transparent flexible electrodes. Wisp isn’t in-  
dium tin oxide-based, meaning it is less fragile and can be installed on the  
glass directly.  
Existing windows can be upgraded from the inside of a building without  
removing the windows. A power and control bar is snapped to the bottom  
of each window, with a solar panel facing outside. It blocks approximately 3  
percent of the window size.  
Privacy Glass, Please  
Healthcare is Innovative Glass Corp.’s  
fastest growing sector. Patient privacy  
laws play a role, but the company’s LC  
Privacy Glass also provides crucial  
health benefits.  
“Our privacy glass assists in infec-  
tion control. Hospitals that use privacy  
glass don’t need to put up curtains  
or blinds, which acquire bacteria,”  
says Anthony Branscum, vice presi-  
dent of architectural sales at Innova-  
tive Glass. “The privacy glass is more  
easily cleaned, which puts patients  
and hospital staff at less risk while  
allowing hospitals to move patients  
Privacy glass also adds an extra ele-  
ment of safety to a building’s interior.  
“All privacy glass is laminated, so  
by the nature of the fact that it is lam-  
inated it does provide some additional  
security and performs as a Category II  
safety glass,”says Pulp Studio CEO Ber-  
The CenturyLink Technology Center features 37,000 square feet of View Glass’ nard Lax.  
electrochromic glass.  
As glass continues to be incorpo-  
rated in projects nationwide, the glass  
the building occupants. Saving energy industry is working to meet the needs  
Transparency is a great benefit of and having more architectural freedom, of architects, and the people who will  
glass, but its properties also allow for which allows for more glass and smaller eventually use their buildings. n  
more sun to pass inside buildings.This HVAC systems, are also import-  
Fewer Compromises  
can increase the internal temperature ant factors to both architects  
and, subsequently, the use of energy to and building owners, especially  
cool a building.Dynamic glass can help if standards like LEED are being  
J o r d a n S c o t t is an  
editorial assistant of USGlass  
magazine. She can be  
solve that problem.  
considered,” says Pleotint direc-  
Dynamic glass [products] are speci- tor of marketing Patrick Lentz.  
Dynamic glass can reduce  
reached at  
fied where architects and building own-  
ers place extra value on the comfort of electricity use by up to 20 per-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  

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