Increasing Awareness: A Closer  
Look at Material Compatibility  
ackpainted glass has increased  
in popularity over the past few  
years, particularly for use in  
interior applications such as back-  
splashes and wall panels.  
It’s a market that has obviously  
grown hugely in the past decade,” said  
Michael Saroka of Goldray Glass.“More  
and more people are producing it be-  
cause of the demand, and I don’t see  
that stopping.”  
This growth, however, has raised  
some issues regarding best practices  
as more glass businesses try to meet  
the demand. While suppliers develop  
coatings specific for glass, and fabri-  
cators specialize in decorative glass,  
the industry is concerned that some As backpainted glass continues to increase in popularity, there’s a growing  
contract glaziers and shops may be concern that some contract glaziers and shops may be applying paints that aren’t  
applying paints that aren’t compatible compatible with glass, which could lead to adhesion and compatibility issues.  
with glass. During the Glass Associ-  
ation of North America’s Decorative of coating performance,” said Fronsoe. user may seek to find an ‘acceptable’  
Division meeting, held in September, “If, or when, a glass fabricator or paint way to make the coating appear or  
several panelists discussed some of shop coats glass with a paint that’s not perform in a certain manner. Unfor-  
the issues.  
intended for glass,will the paint manu- tunately, there is no remedy for this.  
“It is seen by some as,‘all we have to facturer offer a warranty for the paint’s Coatings and paints must be used for  
do is paint the glass,’” said Jim Gulnick performance on glass? Likely not. their intended substrate (e.g. glass,  
of McGrory Glass.“But they aren’t look- Therefore, there can be no expectation metal, plastic, etc.) and in applications  
ing into the safety and chemical com- of coating performance.Ultimately,the recommended by the manufacturer for  
patibility that goes with it.”  
It’s “very application-specific,” said of coated glass replacement and/or dards of acceptability of appearance or  
Saroka of backpainted glass. Gulnick consequences of an accident.” performance. Once again, the end user  
pointed out other factors include color According to Fronsoe, when a paint may be left to suffer costs or injury,”  
steadfastness and performance in that’s intended for other uses or sub- says Fronsoe.  
guarding against UV damage. strates is used on glass, there aren’t During the meeting, the group dis-  
Chris Fronsoe of ICD High Perfor- likely any standards to which the cussed the possibility of developing a  
mance Coatings told USGlass mag- coated glass can be held. future standard specific to coated dec-  
azine that the safety consideration is “Standards for appearance and orative glass adhesion or a Glass Infor-  
critical, as adhesion to glass and coat- performance expectations are set for mation Bulletin (GIB).  
ing compatibility is what ensures back- appropriately fabricated glass, and in “A GIB focusing on aspects to con-  
painted glass stays in place. the correct manner of installation. At sider in the safe installation of decora-  
Coating manufacturers will offer times, when coated glass is used in tive coated glass would be good,” said  
end user may suffer unexpected costs standards to apply. There are no stan-  
fabricators a warranty for perfor- an inappropriate application—other Saroka, adding that the educational  
mance that they can pass along to the than applications recommended by aspect would be “huge,” not only for  
end user. This creates an expectation a manufacturer—an installer or end glaziers but architects as well. n  
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