Work Smarter: Innovations that Help  
Improve Safety, Efficiency and Design  
he glass industry is constantly crane as an option. Ferrier says there in place from inside of the building  
improving through new inno- was nothing at the time that could grab using the Brandon lift, which turned a  
vations in technology. New ma- the mullion without causing damage.  
chines and devices are making it easier  
for workers to do their jobs in a more mullion into our shop and created  
difficult install into a relative easy and  
“We took a sample piece of their safe installation.”  
Once the installation was complete,  
safe and efficient way that could in- the clamp based off of it. We also per- Corcoran Glass swapped out the robot  
crease long-term cost savings.  
formed load tests prior to them using attachment with the glass lifter attach-  
the equipment,” says Ferrier. ment onsite.  
A Mini Crane  
The Brandon 6 Mini Crane, a pick-  
and-carry mini crane, worked in the mini crane for this specific project,  
Although Bailey Cranes engineered  
Does Big Lifting  
its applications are not limited to this  
Remnant Storage  
Made New  
Demand for customized glass has  
companies creating, cutting and stor-  
ing a large variety of sizes. For some,  
there is a need to expand storage op-  
tions along the cutting line.  
Machinery manufacturer Hegla is  
taking automated glass remnant stor-  
age in a vertical direction.  
The company has reworked its Re-  
Master system, which had stored glass  
remnants horizontally above the cut-  
Bailey Specialty Cranes created the Brandon 6 Mini Crane to install mullions ting machine, to solve the problem of  
at the Johnsonville Foods headquarters.  
limited storage space. Hegla’s Vertical  
ReMaster stores glass in a vertical po-  
Cranes and lifting machines have tandem with Bailey Crane’s robot at- sition next to the cutting line, allowing  
taken construction to new heights. tachment. The process didn’t require for storage extension.  
New, customized machines are neces- any manual lifting by workers, which  
“With the horizontal storage rack,  
companies had 50 or potentially 120  
sary to meet special project needs.  
Bailey Specialty Cranes and Aerials  
reduced the chances of injury.  
“The Brandon Robotic Lift was es- slots of storage depending on their ceil-  
was asked to engineer a unique clamping sential for us to perform our work ing height. The vertical system allows  
grip to help Corcoran Glass install mul- when confronting projects with unique them to have 150 or 300 slots of fully  
lion framing at the Johnsonville Foods issues and challenges. We used the automated remnant storage,” says Tom  
headquarters in Sheboygan Falls,Wis.  
According to John Ferrier, sales en- large, heavy laminated glass panels  
gineer at Bailey Cranes, the mullions in an elevated canopy, in a safe and of the vertical system.  
Brandon lift to remove and re-install Bechill, sales manager.  
Increased storage is just one benefit  
were more than 20 feet long, weighed timely manner,”says Michael Huenink,  
“With storage racks next to the line,  
approximately 600 pounds and had vice president of Corcoran Glass.“After companies can have a shuttle that feeds  
to be installed at a 20-degree angle. Bailey made a custom grabber to fit our the cutting line by pulling glass rem-  
The ceiling had already been installed, curtainwall mullions, the steel-loaded,  
which eliminated the use of a standard pitched curtainwall mullions were set  
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NconetinwuesdAnalysis: INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS  
Augmented Reality  
Prioritizes Worker Safety  
While it may not yet be common  
practice in the glass industry,advances  
in augmented reality (AR) paired with  
The Vertical wearable technology can help improve  
ReMaster is worker safety at jobsites.  
Hegla’s solution to  
“Daqri Smart Helmet and Daqri Daqri Smart Glasses bring augmented  
remnant storage Smart Glasses provide benefits to all reality to the contract glazing industry.  
space limited by aspects of the contract glazing indus-  
ceiling height. try. In the design and project plan- this leads to fewer errors and improved  
ning phase, AR pre-visualization of efficiency.”  
nants from storage on either side of the the final construction in context of  
The Smart Helmet, for example, al-  
shuttle,” says Bechill.  
the building helps the team iterate on lows wearers to see thermal imaging of  
“Customers historically have been design, identify constraints and accu- their surroundings, which aids in in-  
saving remnants based on their abil- rately demonstrate the final product spections, auditing and safety checks  
ity to safely handle them manually in to the customer,” says Michael Miller, by spotting thermal anomalies.  
a limited number of slots. The Vertical Daqri marketing and communications  
“The remote expert function can be  
ReMaster can handle smaller rem- manager. “This visualization helps all used to assist in resolution of instal-  
nants of glass, allowing companies to stakeholders come to agreement be- lation issues without expensive travel  
open up the parameters of what their fore any work begins. During instal- of experts to the job site. This keeps a  
optimization software says to save. So lation, AR work instructions decrease project on schedule and within budget,”  
they’re getting that much more optimi- training time for novices or provide says Miller.  
zation out of their remnant pool.”  
a quick refresher for experts. Overall,  
Jordan Scott n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  

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