He was hired by Columbia Building technical support to offer customers a  
Dan Smith has been Products in 2003 to improve and ex- better overall experience.  
promoted as Tubelite pand on their storefront estimating and  
Inc.’s client development was promoted to outside sales in 2006.  
manager for Northeast  
Bridgestone Americas  
Inc. has named a new  
senior vice president of  
global sales for Fires-  
tone Building Products  
Quanex Building Products has  
Smith joined Tubelite named Vince Warne as its new eastern  
in January 2014 as a regional sales director.  
senior estimator before  
being promoted to client  
development manager in August 2017.  
He began his career atVistawall (now  
part of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®)  
in 1996 as a standard products estima-  
tor before being promoted to national Vince  
Warne joined Quanex  
in 2004,and has held nu- John  
merous leadership roles Vasuta  
within the organization,  
most recently director ing a global sales strategy for FSBP to  
of technical services. In accelerate growth in key world markets.  
John Vasuta will be  
responsible for develop-  
that role, Warne helped  
Vasuta returns to FSBP after three  
accounts estimator/project manager.  
strengthen Quanex’s years as president of GCR Tires &  
Service, a commercial tire and ser-  
vice business owned and operated by  
David Stark, the founder of EverSealed Windows Inc. and an  
advocate and researcher in the development of vacuum insu-  
lating glass (VIG), died on September 22, 2017 in Evergreen,  
Colo. He was 64.  
Stark founded EverSealed in July 2005. He set up the busi-  
ness to address market opportunities for super-insulating glass  
applications. Stark’s original focus was packaging for optical  
micro-electronic components. In 2002, he began research  
into other commercial applications for hermetic metal-to-glass  
seals. He eventually noted a powerful business opportunity for  
Bridgestone. Prior to joining GCR in  
2014, he spent nine years at FSBP in  
various management roles, including  
general counsel and vice president of  
administration, vice president of stra-  
tegic planning and corporate develop-  
ment,and vice president and managing  
director, international operations.  
new hires  
super-insulating windows in the fenestration industry.  
Kalamazoo, Mich.-  
Nathan Schafer and Don  
Wright to its team.  
Stark was awarded at least nine U.S. patents in the areas of vacuum win-  
dow assemblies, diffusion bonding, hermetic metal-to-glass seals, opto-elec-  
tronics packaging and hermetic semiconductor wafer-level packaging.  
From 1978 to 1999, he was a senior engineer and manager for the Defense  
Systems and Electronics Group (DSEG) of Texas Instruments and later Ray-  
theon Corporation. While there, Stark led an industry-wide effort to develop  
advanced manufacturing technologies for the electronics industry. He also  
oversaw the design, layout and start-up of seven factories for manufacturing  
advanced electronics.  
Schafer joined Azon as  
chief engineerformachin-  
ery design in the AZO/Tec  
engineering department  
at the company’s manu-  
facturing headquarters.  
He has 12 years of indus-  
trial design experience  
with material handling  
As business develop-  
ment manager, Wright  
Stark received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Rutgers  
University College of Engineering in 1978, and a master’s degree from South-  
ern Methodist University in 1983.  
Jerry Stein, who co-owned Ponca Glass Inc. of Ponca, Okla., with his wife,  
Billye, for more than 50 years, died on September 6, 2017.  
Their son Tim Stein and daughter Tammye Rogers have  
worked for the company for many years. In addition, five grand-  
children have also worked there in some capacity over the  
will oversee activities on the West coast.  
He has more than 20 years of experience  
in the commercial construction indus-  
try and has been involved with facade  
products as well as commercial and res-  
idential windows.  
Jerry Stein is survived by his wife, their daughter, Tammye  
Bill), son Tim (Wanda), seven grandchildren, three great  
grandchildren, and numerous other relatives, friends and  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  
Vitro Architectural  
Glass has hired William  
Davis as productivity  
manager and technical  
services engineer in sup-  
port of the company’s  
Intercept stainless steel  
spacer system technology.  
Davis previously  
spent 11 years in glass research and  
development for PPG Industries where  
he was part of the team that developed  
Intercept. He will conduct on-site au-  
dits of licensee facilities and provide  
direct feedback on ways to help them  
improve productivity, product quality  
and efficiencies.  
Julie Ruth, the code  
representative for the  
American Architectural  
Manufacturers Asso-  
ciation (AAMA), was  
awarded International  
Code Coouncil (ICC)  
Honorary Member status  
at the ICC Annual Conference and Expo.  
This past spring, the ICC board of  
directors requested nominations for  
017 Honorary Members, those con-  
sidered a person of outstanding service  
to the ICC. On behalf of AAMA, Diana  
Hanson, AAMA codes and regulatory  
affairs manager, nominated Ruth. A  
second nomination for Ruth was sub-  
mitted by a member of the ICC board  
of directors.  
Ruth has more than 30 years of  
experience in the development and  
application of building codes (ICC  
International Codes and legacy codes  
predating the I-codes). Between 1988  
and 1997, she worked for Building Of-  
ficials and Code Administrators Eval-  
uation Services (BOCA ES). She has  
represented the fenestration industry  
in building code development at the  
Window and Door Manufacturers  
Association (1997-2000), and then at  
AAMA (2001-present).  
Ruth will retire at the end of 2017. n  
November 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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