solar-heat-gain coefficient of 0.23, a ment and delivers 92 percent light  
15-percent improvement over Solar- transmission. It is ideal for architec-  
Letting the Tint Through  
Solarban 90 solar control,low-E glass ban 70XL glass. When coated on per- tural applications requiring a high  
is now available on performance-tinted formance-tinted glasses such as Vitro’s degree of transparency or color opti-  
glasses, including Atlantica, Azuria, blue-tinted Pacifica glass or Solargray mization.Even in its thickest iterations,  
Pacifica, SolarBlue, SolarBronze, So- glass, Solarban 90 glass can achieve Clearvision remains neutral.  
larGray and Solexia glasses. It was pre- SHGCs of as low as 0.17 in a 1-inch in-  
viously available on clear glasses and sulating glass units.  
is made by Vitro Architectural Glass yy➤  
The glass can be specified for in-  
teriors and exteriors—from distinct  
architectural elements such as balus-  
trades and floors, to entire building  
facades. When insulating, double- and  
formerly PPG Glass).  
A Neutral Vision  
Clearvision is a low-iron glass from triple-glazing units provide high light  
AGC Glass Co. North America. It offers transmission and maximize solar en-  
neutrality, purity and color enhance- ergy, according to the company  
Clearvision is cradle to cradle certi-  
fied(CM) silver.  
measuring equipment  
Analyze Across the Board  
Introduced in 2015,Solarban 90 uses  
proprietary coating technology to de-  
liver solar control and high visible light  
transmittance on clear glass,while pro-  
viding color neutrality that the com-  
pany says works well with a range of  
performance-tinted glasses.  
In a standard,1-inch insulating glass  
unit with clear glass, the product has a  
handling and transportation  
Lift Gate Option Simplifies Loading  
The Patriot glass truck body  
from offers a  
new lift gate option that lets gla-  
ziers load and unload at ground  
level easily and quickly. With a  
galvanized steel finish  
to resist corrosion, this  
gate features a large  
aluminum platform with  
cart stops. An easy-to-  
use marine-duty  
Sparklike is following up on the  
success of its handheld device with  
its new laser product line. The devices  
allow non-destructive measurement of  
gas concentration of triple- and dou-  
ble-glazed units through coated and  
laminated glasses. The Sparklike laser  
product line is based on the company’s  
patented and proprietary technology.  
This laser based technology (TDLAS)  
means that the devices measure ox-  
ygen, and the results are converted to  
argon, krypton and other insulating  
gases, according to the company.  
potted toggle  
switch that pro-  
tects against shorts and moisture is used to raise  
and lower the platform.  
The patriot body is available in 12- to 18-foot lengths, and features exterior  
racks with full-length 5-inch deep padded glass support ledges and an interior  
with additional glass racks and a large deck to accommodate bulky items.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2017  
No Need to Stress  
Give Some Space  
The new JEB 3Seal™ HM+ warm-edge spacer  
system for insulating glass units (IGUs) from J.E.  
Berkowitz was created to enable bold and ener-  
gy-efficient architectural glass solutions.  
Designed to meet tough commercial glazing  
demands, the spacer  
features triple seal technology, including an improved secondary seal made out  
of high-modulus silicone, as well as a hot-applied captive polyisobutylene (PIB)  
primary seal and a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer to glass bonding.  
While traditional metal spacers are highly conductive, the JEB 3Seal HM+ spacer  
is made from thermoset structural silicone with integral 3A desiccant, which allows  
for minimal thermal conductivity, higher edge-of-glass temperatures, and an im-  
proved condensation resistance factor. With its T-shaped design, the product also  
offers shock-absorbing properties that counteract glazing stresses caused by wind,  
snow, driving rain, fluctuating temperatures and barometric pressure.  
Jeffoptics Co. Ltd.’s JF-3E surface  
stress meter measures the surface  
stress of tempered glass,heat-strength-  
ened glass and annealed glass on the  
uncoated tin side without causing  
damage. The product complies with  
ASTM C1279 and ASTM C 1048.  
With only two adjustment compo-  
nents,operation can be done easily.Re-  
sults are available within 0.5 seconds.  
An operator no longer needs to judge  
the rotation angle or look at the table.  
With compact structure and industrial  
design,the meter can measure the glass in  
The product is available in a range  
of profiles from 10 mm to applications  
exceeding 100 mm. It also allows com-  
mercial fenestration systems to meet or  
exceed ICC thermal and condensation  
resistance factor performance require-  
ments, according to the company.  
Palmer Goes Green  
allpositionsconvenientlywithoutsupport. sulation. The P8B symbol means that  
With optimized optical structure,the a layered laminated anti-burglary glass  
meter can work in severe situations, according to EN 356 was used in the  
even in direct sun light.  
glazed unit.  
acoustic glazing  
Bringing the Heat  
A Wide Variety  
Press Glass has added four new prod-  
ucts to its acoustic glazed units. Now  
the company can provide as many as  
The new Palmer SuperSet Mir-  
ro-Mastic is the latest addition to the  
company’s mirror adhesive offerings.  
SuperSet is a low-VOC, solvent-free  
adhesive mastic designed for adhering  
acrylic and glass mirror to substrates  
Rw coefficient in the range of 31-52  
decibels (dB).  
The range of these new products  
now covers glazed units with the Rw  
index of 44, 47 and 48 dB.  
14 various acoustic glazed units with  
Ensinger’s insulbar thermal barrier such as drywall, glass, metal or tile.  
The new SuperSet product, along  
Press Glass glazed units now include technology offers an effective way of  
a new triple-glazed acoustic insulation breaking aluminum, and provides with Palmer Mirro-Mastic and Palmer  
unit with the following structure: 12,8T insulation of metal windows, doors, QwikSet Mirro-Mastic are distributed  
which has been tested for acoustic in- to the company.  
VSG 66.2T)/16Ar/4/16Ar/27,8T P8B, storefronts and curtainwalls,according through C.R. Laurence.  
yy➤ n  
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