Time For  
a Change?  
Dear USG,  
We recently displayed and attended  
at the 2017 GlassBuild America (GBA)  
show. As a large booth displaying and  
demonstrating our equipment, we had  
a sizable investment in this show. Be-  
fore the show even began I received a  
number of calls and emails from cus-  
tomers who cancelled “due to the hur-  
ricane weather” and expressed their  
sympathies for exhibitors with such an  
investment that may be wasted on poor  
attendance.As I told each of those cus-  
tomers and the many people who asked  
at the show, it’s easy to blame uncon-  
trolled events and “Mother Nature” on  
the reason why many people cancelled  
or didn’t attend the GBA show. But the  
true root cause of the poor attendance  
is the way the show is scheduled and  
conducted. Two distinct things would  
promote and advance this show and  
would have helped to avoid this situa-  
tion and future similar ones that may  
occur. 1) Make the show every other  
year opposite the glasstec show in  
Germany to heighten its importance  
and value and to counteract poten-  
tial attendees who suggest “I’ll just  
go next year.” 2) Make the show four  
days long to give attendees a reason-  
able and fair chance to attend, even if  
there is a weather delay or adjustment  
necessary to an attendee’s schedule,  
regardless of the cause. Weather may  
still have an effect on any trade show,  
but the conditions that exist today  
with an annual GBA show make it  
easy for attendees to simply cancel or  
“not plan on going this year” in the  
first place.  
Michael Schmidt  
Forel North America n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  

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