An Appetite to Learn  
Fall Conference Serves Up Accelerated Content  
b y S a r a N e i s w a n g e r  
t’s no secret that Fall Conference another helpinG  
017 started with a bang, or more The second course began Wednesday site to help generate referral reports.  
like the whooshing of 40 mph winds morning, September 13 with Decora-  
as Hurricane Irma visited Atlanta the tive and Insulating Division plates.  
Monday prior to the conference begin- The Decorative Division has had  
tage of their profiles on the GANA web-  
a Sweet FiniSh  
The final course was served on  
ning. While it didn’t have a significant an active year to date, having pub- Thursday morning, with tastings from  
impact on the city itself, we share in lished three Glass Informational Bul- the BEC, Tempering and Flat Glass  
the feelings of those who were unable letins (GIBs) with one more on the Manufacturer’s Divisions.  
to attend due to travel impediments way. A panel discussion also took a  
or company guidance. We’re most thought-provoking look at the use of the fire with respect to the technical and  
thankful everyone remained safe and decorative paint coatings. reference publications it’s updating or  
look forward to seeing you all again at The Insulating Division reported developing. The “Blue Print Reading &  
The BEC Division has many irons in  
GANA’s next event. GANA staff are also that it has published a new AIA-ap- Labor Estimating Course,”as well as the  
appreciative of the understanding and proved presentation,“The Introduction “Project Manager’s Reference Manual,”  
supportive nature of our attendees who to Insulating Glass,” which is available are on track to be released by early 2018.  
maneuvered their way to Atlanta.  
for request at In addition, the “Commercial Fenestra-  
aia. The division also received updates tion Systems Manual”is being revived.  
The Tempering Division has pub-  
GettinG Started  
from the Insulating Glass Certification  
Attending a GANA event is much Council and the Insulating Glass Man- lished three GIBs,with at least two more  
like sitting down to a nice dinner ufacturers Alliance (IGMA).  
to be published by the end of this year.  
with family, in this case our glass The course entrée was served later that They are also updating Section 11 of the  
and glazing family. The conference afternoonwiththeEnergyDivisionmeet- “Engineering Standards Manual.” The  
began Tuesday, September 12 with an ing and the Membership Meeting. The meeting concluded by honoring John  
appetizer featuring the Laminating Energy Division is represented by GANA Colapietro of Oldcastle BuildingEnve-  
Division and the Protective Glazing members in its research of the potential lope® for his service as Tempering Divi-  
Council meetings. The Laminating for an industry-wide Environmental sion chair since 2013.  
Division meeting included updates Product Declaration for fabricated glass.  
In the Flat Glass Manufacturer’s Divi-  
from the Safety Glazing Certification This is being done in partnership with sion, members are continuing to debate  
Council, ANSI Z97 and ISO 12543. the American Architectural Manufactur- and discuss the desire and need for an  
The highlight was a lively discus- ers Association, IGMA and the Window industry-wide flat glass product category  
sion on the growing use of laminated and Door Manufacturers Association. rule.In addition,four technical resources  
jumbo glass. A detailed comparison The meeting also featured a detailed pre- are being updated.  
with the current verbiage in ASTM sentation from energy code consultant  
GANA extends many thanks to our  
C1172 was used to determine what Tom Culp of Birch Point Consulting,with sponsors for their support and gener-  
needs may exist in the future to an- the impetus being that the next round of osity, which contributed greatly to the  
swer outstanding questions on the ASHRAE,IECC,Green Codes and Energy success of the event. n  
use of jumbo glass.  
The Protective Glazing Council dis-  
Star will all be starting together.  
The Membership Meeting pro-  
cussed progress toward a government- vided an opportunity for mem-  
agency-directed workshop that may bers to hear organization-wide  
be planned in 2018. It also featured an reports that affect their busi-  
engaging presentation on blast perfor- nesses. These included market-  
mance of point-fixed assemblies by Jon ing and website reports.Members  
S a r a N e i s w a n g e r is  
the account executive for the  
Glass Association of North  
America in Topeka, Kan.  
Kimberlain of Dow Corning.  
were encouraged to take advan-  
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