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Cover Girls  
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e couldn’t decide. It wasn’t so much  
that we couldn’t reach a consensus,  
it was that there were good reasons  
for each of these to be the cover of this month’s  
issue. Both were compelling. It wasn’t so much  
that we couldn’t choose one as much as it hurt  
to eliminate the other.  
The cover to the left highlights the story  
about the industry’s top women that be-  
gins on page 38. Both editorial director  
Tara Taffera and editor Ellen Rogers com-  
mented on how inspiring these stories are.  
I totally agree and felt a strong sense of  
pride when reading the article. It was also  
notable to see so many women in STEM  
professions make the list for the first  
time. Some of us grew up in the glass  
industry, while others rose through it  
because of talent and hard work. Others, like  
itodrEial Assistant Jordan Scott  
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Women in the Glass Industry  
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the young STEM-ers we profiled, went out and found the glass industry  
as a profession. Both deserve to be celebrated.  
The issue on the right represents two cover girls, famous for being cruel acts of  
nature.Hurricanes Irma and Maria, along with their buddy Harvey, dominated the  
news these past few weeks, giving updated building and glass codes their first real  
test. We were already planning a story  
about the changes in hurricane glazing  
since Andrew hit 25 years ago. Irma,  
Harvey and Maria reminded us this  
timely news story is difficult to ignore  
and very important to our industry.  
In the end, we really couldn’t decide  
so we did something new. Half of you  
are most likely reading an issue with  
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the cover on the left; the other half  
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Europe Patrick Connolly  
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5 Year  
s after Andr  
the right. The covers were alternated  
in sequence so even the copies going  
to the same address could have dif-  
ferent covers.  
Either way, you are reading about  
feminine phenoms who matter to  
the industry.  
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