Who Should You Hire?  
Finding the Right Candidate for Your Company  
b y P a u l B i e b e r  
t’s really simple: hire someone  
smarter than you. Go ahead. Do it.  
Don’t be afraid to help your entire  
company, as well as your spot in it. If  
you’re the owner, it’s even easier. You  
want the best talent.  
How do you get potential employ-  
ees that fit this criterion? There are no  
Managers are key to hiring new people,  
because they are the ones who have to  
work with them. If they don’t have good  
chemistry, you’ll be rehiring soon.  
medical tests for this. You find out in and gauge their reactions to seeing the ber one: Don’t hire a bad applicant to fill  
the interview process.You can tell fairly working areas. Managers are key to an empty slot and hope he will improve.  
easily who doesn’t fit. If you want that hiring new people, because they are Ever. You’ll be better off short-handed  
one-in-a-hundred candidate, you have the ones who have to work with them. than holding the hand of a bad hire.  
to do your homework. Develop a set of If they don’t have good chemistry,you’ll  
Be unconventional in your em-  
ployee search. Spread your business  
Give the candidate a small job to do, card around places where your poten-  
questions that are special to your com- be rehiring soon.  
pany goals. This is more than “What  
did you like about your last job?” Go maybe writing an ad for a newspaper, tial hires might be. Find the bars or  
in depth with the person’s work expe- or cutting metal and/or glass to spe- restaurants near your competitors and  
rience. Spend 10 to 15 minutes going cific sizes and shapes. If there’s ner- put a help wanted sign on their bulle-  
over the last job.  
Questions to Ask  
vousness, be careful with this person. tin board. Talk to your customers and  
You want someone to jump in and say, ask them if they’ve ever worked with  
What was your daily routine?  
What parts did you enjoy?  
What did you not enjoy, and why?  
What was your relationship with  
your supervisor?  
How did you work with customers?  
How did you handle complaints?  
Tell me about a situation that didn’t reference makes your candidate seem find talent that you can train and mold  
go the way you wanted.What did you like they can walk on water,discard that to fit your company. Have your office  
“Sure, I can do that!”  
another company and, if so, did one  
employee stand out from the crowd.  
Hire an advertising company to make  
references Matter  
Spend as much time as you can with a large sign that you put on the side of  
the references.Ask about their relation- your glass truck, and drive around var-  
ship to the candidate; see if they are too ious jobsites. The word will get out.  
close to give an honest appraisal. If the  
Go to high school job counselors and  
do when it didn’t?  
What was your worst day and why?  
reference; no one is perfect.Be sure and tech guru place an ad on online sites.  
get work references.While ones from a (I’ve had the most success with Zip Re-  
local politician or religious leader are cruiter.) The job market for qualified  
valid, they don’t count for work skills. people is the tightest I’ve seen in a de-  
Learn as Much as You can  
Selecting the right person doesn’t Ask the candidate for more references cade. Good luck! n  
take place with just one interview.Have if the first three don’t have a work  
your special candidates come back for relationship. It will be hard to get  
lunch with you and their would-be current employment references,  
manager. Ask the candidate to drive. so go back one or two jobs.  
P a u l B i e b e r has 41  
years’ experience in the glass  
industry, with C.R. Laurence  
and as executive vice president  
of Floral Glass in New York. He  
Is the car clean? Does he or she drive  
I think I just heard someone  
well? At the restaurant, does the candi- yell, “What the heck are you say-  
date thank the server? Is there a strong ing, Bieber? We can’t get enough  
is now the principal of Bieber  
give-and-take conversation?  
Back at the office, have the manager this grief.”  
walk him or her through the company Which brings me to rule num-  
good applicants to go through  
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