Everyone Has a Story to Share  
Take the Time to Listen and Learn from Others  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
s I write this, it’s early Septem-  
ber and many thoughts cross  
my mind. My father was born  
in September and passed away on  
/11/2001, after a stroke at his home  
the day before. I remember watching  
in disbelief with the rest of the country  
the attack on the World Trade Center  
towers and the Pentagon from my dad’s  
hospital room.  
History all around  
As I think about my father, I think  
about how I, as many of you did as well,  
followed family members into this in-  
dustry. I miss the times that I shared  
with him discussing projects and new You can learn a lot by sitting down for a meal with people you admire and  
systems and remembering how amazed swapping stories about industry experiences.  
he was that we could order glass for a  
project off of shop drawings. He had vide). I enjoyed his stories on the proj- Brescia, Bob Baker, Debra Levy, Glenn  
had a project that was on the cover of ects he was involved with, and some of Heitmann, Russell and Ralph Gard-  
the old Glass Digest magazine (now no the behind-the-scenes activity was es- ner, Rene Strong, Bryan Sullivan, Dave  
longer published) sometime in the late pecially interesting. I remember listen- Cossette, Jim Mitchell, Lyle Hill … and  
960s. It was a bank in Spokane,Wash., ing to his version of the story behind many more from around the country  
that was an inverted pyramid made the Fuller family selling the company that I’ve not had the pleasure to meet. I  
from steel bar framing and zippered to Hunt Wesson Foods and finding out would love to hear stories of their expe-  
structural gaskets. They measured after the sale that Hunt Wesson did not riences in our industry—from projects  
every unit after the steel was completed receive the exclusive distribution rights to purchases to mergers—all are worth  
and sent the list off to (what was then) to PPG glass. That must have been a listening to.  
Libbey-Owens-Ford to make the insu- surprise!  
So my question to you is this: think  
lating glass.I cannot imagine doing that  
Of course, my father was my first about who in our industry you’d like to  
today.Talking to him about the changes mentor, and I’ve been lucky to have take to dinner or spend time with. I’m  
in the industry and the expectations known many people who have shared sure that they,too,have interesting stories  
make for interesting conversation. I en- their experiences with me: Bob Conger, of their experiences and other circum-  
joyed that time spent with him.  
Tom Walsh, Bob Herzog and Les Ross, stances that they’ll share. Believe me, it  
non of whom are still with us today. will be time well spent.Go and enjoy! n  
May they rest in peace.  
i remember …  
My father worked at Fuller Trim  
There are so many interesting  
View in the 1950s and 60s. At the time people who are legendary that  
it was the architectural and major con- I’d like to sit down with for din-  
tact arm of Fuller Paint and Glass Corp. ner and swap stories about what  
Fuller was also the exclusive West Coast they’ve experienced over their  
distributer of PPG glass (in the states years in the industry. Some that  
and area west of the continental di- come to mind: Charles Clift, Joe  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
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