Women Mean Business  
USGlass Magazine Recognizes Some of the Top Women in the Industry  
ost of them didn’t set out to work in the glass and inated by their peers, for their leadership, work ethic, drive  
glazing industry, but they’re here and making an and determination. In this special section, you can read  
impact. These women are leading companies, sales their stories; what brought them into the industry and what  
teams, developing businesses and managing a host of other kept them here. What was their pivotal moment and what  
responsibilities. They’ve learned from their own heroes and are their greatest challenges? They also share insight into  
mentors, and today they’re paving the way for more women what we, as an industry, can do to encourage more women  
to find opportunity and growth in this industry—one that to seek out careers in this field.  
viable workforce.  
as many here point out) is struggling to find and keep a  
If you know a woman making a difference in the glass  
industry,email Ellen Rogers at erogers@glass.com to nominate  
In this issue,we pay tribute to some of these women,nom- her for a future edition.  
Executive Leaders  
Amy Cole  
amount of women. That becomes an That also comes with rewards. Pro-  
opportunity when you understand fessionally, I would give a top five list  
what’s needed, and combine that with of major challenges that are not as  
targeting companies such as Apogee meaningful as how I reacted to those  
Enterprises, who walk the talk in hir- challenges. I’m a firm believer that it’s  
ing and development practices. What not what happens to you, but what  
Tubelite Inc. and Alumicor  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
While the glass industry found me, I makes anyone successful is having a you do with it, or, better yet, what  
immediately became a big fan due to winning strategy combined with effec- you make happen.  
the opportunity, the customer base and tive execution and an intense desire to What should be done to  
the significance of our collective efforts. set high standards of performance and encourage women to enter  
First glass industry job?  
exceed those standards on behalf of the the glass/glazing industry?  
The glass/glazing industry needs  
I was hired by Apogee as president of customer.  
What’s your favorite  
talent. It’s filled with amazing people weekend activity?  
Tubelite in March of 2014 and promoted Main disadvantage of being a  
to president of Tubelite and Alumicor in woman in the glass industry?  
August of 2015. The majority of my ca- While women have been historically ings. Glazing contractors are required Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
reer has been working for manufactur- under-represented, this industry has to make up for the delays of the trades The first time I experienced trepidation  
ers selling directly to the construction experienced positive strides in recent ahead of them, close up the building for about taking an international assign-  
building and renovating beautiful build- Time with family, travel and yoga.  
trades, including glaziers.  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
years. Two of the five top architectural the ones that come after them and/or ment, my best friend at work said,  
framing systems companies are led by finish the interior glazing despite what “You’d be a fool not to!” The first time  
women. Leadership in any industry needs the other trades are doing. If you are I led people, another mentor told me I  
Being employed by Apogee Enterprises. to be inclusive, making sure to approach someone who relishes the importance must go in with an open mind and truly  
The company culture is phenomenal people and situations with an eye for of executing on a customer-driven listen to my sales team and our cus-  
and Apogee invests in our businesses. solutions that truly benefit the customer strategy, this is the place for you.  
tomers to establish a solid foundation  
that would last many years to come.  
When I became president of Tubelite at  
The president role affords me the in order to move the industry forward.  
opportunity to build high-performing Who are your heroes/mentors?  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
what would you be doing?  
leadership teams, shape the culture I have a handful of family members, I’d continue to cultivate my career. As part age 51, I told myself that I wasn’t even  
and set strategy, all while making sure close friends and bosses who have had of my professional development at Apo- close to the peak of my own career.  
that we take care of our employees and a profound positive influence in my life. gee, I’m currently seeking a board position What’s something about  
our customers.  
What is the major challenge  
you’ve faced in your career?  
with a Michigan-based company through you no one knows?  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
a women’s leadership organization called My great grandmother, Kate Teague  
Having moved more than ten times InForum. One program they offer is (Hagler), was one of the first three  
domestically and internationally, there BoardAccess. Through this program, I’m women to graduate from Auburn Uni-  
Construction is second only to min- is a certain personal sacrifice that my learning how to be a board member and versity, and she had to test in at a junior  
ing in industry sectors with the least family and I have made for my career. networking to make it happen.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
Peg Kelley  
Vice President  
Syracuse Glass  
single computer, much less a network lesson of getting the right person in the  
back then, so that was one of my first right position to bring out the best in  
projects. It was an opportunity to learn our people and our processes.  
the process of working with others and What should be done to  
looking at what we do and why and fig- encourage women to enter  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
uring out how to do it better.  
the glass/glazing industry?  
The glass industry has always been a You knew you’d made it in a  
part of my life. My father began work- “man’s business” when ...  
Good people—and that, of course, in-  
cludes women—will come if there are  
ing in it before I was born. He and my I focus on it being “our business” and good opportunities.  
mother purchased the company when I doing what’s best for it, even if I’m the If you weren’t doing this job,  
was in high school. I think being around only woman in the room at times.  
it so much I was exposed to a lot of nice Who are your heroes/mentors?  
people and also the issues they were I spent a lot of time with my grand-  
what would you be doing?  
I love the human relations part of my  
job and working on projects, so it would  
working on. It was fun, interesting and mother when I was young. She instilled have to be something where listening,  
in me the importance of working hard, learning and working together for a  
First glass industry job?  
getting an education and being kind.  
common goal is a major portion of my  
work; maybe teaching or some type of  
advocacy work.  
Checking inventory costing schedules She wanted me to have opportunities  
for my dad when I was about 10. He’d to choose from and to be  
bring me home a calculator and set up independent.  
What’s your favorite  
a card table and give me a stack of pa- What is the major challenge  
weekend activity?  
pers to check. I loved it!  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
you’ve faced in your career?  
Time with family and friends.  
Letting go of certain responsibilities Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
wasn’t easy for me. It took a good hire Work on yourself and let your actions  
After college I worked as a financial who was capable of doing more than I show others who and what you are. Stay  
analyst for a manufacturer in a differ- was giving her to do. She kept nudg- positive, and little things matter.  
ent industry. The accountant at Syra- ing me to give her more. She made my What’s something about  
cuse Glass was moving, so the position processes better and allowed me to you no one knows?  
opened up. My dad offered me the focus in other areas. As our company I’m a pretty simple and open person, so  
job and I accepted. We didn’t have a has grown, that has been an important I don’t really have anything.  
in the construction industry and on a If you weren’t doing this job,  
journey of promotions and opportunity. what would you be doing?  
sled down an active volcano.  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
I will be in the construction industry To be my authentic self and to never  
until my frail bones won’t allow me. If say “I can’t.”  
President and CEO  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
I was immediately attracted to the glaz- to act different in front of us.  
Thinking we’re just one of the men, but I wasn’t working at Giroux, I would be What’s something about  
reminded that some men feel they have consulting for small to mid-size glazing you no one knows?  
and other construction companies to I keep photos of my mentors and items  
ing industry because of the ability to Who are your heroes/mentors?  
help them grow their businesses.  
see and enjoy the finished product of One of my first bosses in construction What’s your favorite  
the hard work that goes into construc- was a great mentor by forcing me to weekend activity?  
that remind me of challenging times.  
When I need to be reminded that I have  
the strength I need, I seek them out.  
tion from concept to completion.  
First glass industry job?  
face my fears (from sending me slightly Being with my family. We love going on For example, I still have a rock from  
unprepared into meetings to handling adventures and trying new things. We when we broke ground for our Las  
Here at Giroux in November 2000. challenging situations to believing in recently went to Nicaragua simply to Vegas office.  
Since I was a young child I was fas- me more than I believed in myself at  
cinated by the glass work in down- times). Anne-Merelie Murrell (former  
town LA, so the idea of working for CEO of Giroux Glass and current board  
Giroux intrigued me and was worth the chairperson) is a great mentor by re-  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
.5-hour commute into the city.  
minding me never to give up. My chil-  
dren are my mentors by reminding me  
to not have fear and to relentlessly go  
In 1994 my male boss said, “listen kid, I after what I want. My husband is my  
believe you have what it takes to make mentor and hero by putting his retire-  
it in this male-dominated industry. Work ment dreams on hold in order for me to  
hard and don’t let anyone talk you out continue my career. My parents always  
of what you know is the right thing to encouraged me to try hard, then try  
do. Integrity is everything.” From that harder. They always believed in me. It’s  
point on, I listened and followed his always incredible to find so many peo-  
advice. I believe that’s what kept me ple willing to mentor you if you just ask.  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u39siness  
The Innovators  
Northeast for Guardian Glass.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
What is the major challenge  
you’ve faced in your career?  
“I’m not calling her back; she doesn’t I will joke that my voice is like a dog whis-  
When a top-level ADM at Guardian left, know what she’s doing.” I would leave tle: I share an idea in a group setting, and  
and I was given her territory: New York message after message for different no one says anything. A few minutes later,  
City. Originally, I had the entire north- people in the industry, and never get a a guy says it and gets a response. I will  
east except New York City. I was three call back. So, I would appeal to a male continue to speak up, though!  
months in, but they gave me a chance counterpart so we would get in as a If you weren’t doing this job,  
with an area that is a competitive region joint appointment. When we would start what would you be doing?  
both in terms of sales in general and talking glass, it was my chance to speak Running my own nonprofit that would  
glass in particular. You have the best of up and show I was capable.  
the best architects designing some of Who are your heroes/mentors?  
the most complex and massive build- Diane Turnwall, who piloted Guardian Glass back and be told how to do it.  
serve children or pets. I would be in  
charge, because I never want to sit  
Leigh Anne Mays  
National Architectural  
Services Manager  
Guardian Glass  
ings in the world.  
interiors for a while, had a significant im- What’s your favorite  
pact on me. She got it. She’s smart and weekend activity?  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
sophisticated, works very hard, practices To do nothing. I love to sit outside and  
what she preaches and maintains an ex- watch my kids play in the yard.  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
Quite honestly, men tend to not yell tremely high level of integrity. And I like Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
My husband, who is an architect, ran at women like they do to each other. her as a person. Jay Phillips, formerly of “You don’t see yourself the way others  
into a friend of mine in the industry who I have an advantage in getting in to Guardian Glass, was another. During the see you.” The person who told me this  
passed my name to a recruiter. I didn’t see a customer when that customer is time we worked together, he really saw pointed out that the impression I gave  
set out saying, “glass is awesome!” I unhappy. No one wants to be that guy my potential and saw to it that people paid was one of a hard worker who was get-  
just knew from my work in the building yelling at a woman. When you have a attention to me and my skillset, not just ting things done.  
industry that it was frequently used.  
First glass industry job?  
Architecturaldesignmanagercoveringthe involved.  
head-on competition, the women are my being a woman. In Jay’s absence, I What’s something about you  
seen as more caring, nurturing and continue to get that support from Joe But- no one knows?  
I was a national champion cheerleader.  
ler, who is director of strategic accounts.  
but the U.K. economy in 1994 said oth- aspects of business during this period, digest forms is something that I enjoy  
erwise. When I graduated, the chemical from product development to operations doing. I taught when I was in college,  
industry was going through a down- management to sales and marketing, to and I have enjoyed developing and  
turn, but Pilkington was hiring into their human resources, to finance, just to delivering training programs since I’ve  
coatings group. And the rest is, as they name a few.  
been working in the glass industry.  
say, history.  
First glass industry job?  
Main disadvantage of being What’s your favorite  
a woman in the glass industry? weekend activity?  
Pilkington’s global research center I’ve always felt welcomed by the in- Riding my horse (English style, of  
in Lancashire, England, as a research dustry associations and never felt that course!) and going for long (road) bike  
scientist. I worked on on-line de- I was entering a “man’s world,” even rides with my family and our local bike  
posited low-E and low-maintenance though the rooms were generally pre- club.  
Helen Sanders  
Strategic Business  
Technoform Glass Insulation  
North America  
dominantly full of men. I think you must Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
prove yourself to your peers through Don’t sweat the small stuff and choose  
meaningful participation, teamwork your battles. Easy to say, not so easy  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
Being hired by John Van Dine to join and work output, but I think that’s likely for me to do.  
SAGE in 1999 was the best career de- true for anyone, irrespective of gender. What’s something about you no  
velopment opportunity that I could have [That said, as a woman, it’s hard to find one knows?  
ever asked for. To be part of building nice-looking steel-toed shoes that can I would have said “belly dancing,” but  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
an organization from the ground up, be worn with business attire… ]  
I think word might have got out about  
that some time ago at an IGMA meet-  
ing. I also took up tap dancing a few  
I just landed here by luck. I actually and creating a completely new market If you weren’t doing this job,  
thought that I would be working in the category was an amazing experience. what would you be doing?  
chemical industry doing some kind of I was given a unique opportunity to Probably teaching. Taking complex years ago and have performed a few  
catalysis work after I finished my PhD, learn so much about a wide range of topics and turning them into easier-to- times.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
First glass industry job?  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
Monsanto Chemical Company as a My mom and my husband. Without what would you be doing?  
Research Specialist for Saflex interlayers. them I would not have my beauti- Teaching something somewhere …  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
ful daughters and be able to work maybe paint and sip classes!  
in the career I love. In the industry, What’s your favorite  
I was in our research department and my heroes are David Lahr (Covestro), weekend activity?  
we were developing a new product. I Tanya Dolby (Kawneer) and Gavan Being with my family and my dogs,  
was sent to the West Coast to assist Harrop (G. James). My mentors have chilling on the lake or camping in the  
sales in the running and technical ori- changed over time, but I am thankful mountains.  
entation of the product. Getting in front for people like Stan Smith (former Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
JGulolbiaalSAcrchhiimtemctuerlaplenningh of the customers, running a successful GANA executive vice director), Mark Marching orders will come from your  
trial and seeing the product take off and Cody (AGC Glass Co.), Gary Aspden company, but always do what is right  
Applications Manager  
perform well gave me the confidence (G. James) and Ed Conrath (Dept. for the industry as a whole and all will  
and initial connections to drive forward of State/Protective Engineering). reap the rewards.  
Eastman Chemical Company  
outside of our R&D area.  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
The female peers I’m most thank- What’s something about you  
ful for are Urmilla Sowell (GANA), no one knows?  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
I landed in the glass industry by chance glass industry?  
Marg Webb (IGMA) and Anne Minne I love Dr. Seuss! “Unless someone like  
you cares a whole awful lot, noth-  
ing is going to get better. It’s not.”  
(from The Lorax).  
fore the siren call of the glass industry proachable to some people who are in you’ve faced in your career?  
had me hooked.  
at Monsanto]. It didn’t take long be- I think women tend to be more ap- What is the major challenge  
the beginning stages of their careers.  
Time; there just isn’t enough.  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u41siness  
Product & Project Leaders  
Rachel Curtis  
Project Manager  
Tidewater Glazing  
pursue engineering with a focus in  
What is the major challenge  
you’ve faced in your career?  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
Balancing career and family.  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
A former colleague of mine began  
working for Tidewater Glazing in 2003.  
The company was looking for a proj-  
ect manager, and I was looking for a  
change from the steel erector side of  
construction. I interviewed for the job,  
not really knowing what curtainwall  
was, but I quickly learned.  
what would you be doing?  
I’ve asked myself this question many  
times and I truly don’t know. I will find  
out when I retire.  
What’s your favorite  
weekend activity?  
Hanging out with my family on the boat.  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
First glass industry job?  
What’s the main advantage of  
being a woman in the glass  
over the past 20 years. I work with When I had one year left in college,  
many women on a daily basis who my father told me to stay humble and  
work for glass manufacturers, window remember everyone is replaceable.  
Working for Tidewater Glazing Inc.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
There is no advantage or disadvantage. suppliers and general contractors.  
What’s something about  
you no one knows?  
themselves. The industry has changed My parents. They encouraged me to I’ve played women’s novice ice hockey.  
Getting into the engineering program at Everyone needs to work hard and prove Who are your heroes/mentors?  
Penn State.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
Coated and Tempered  
Vitro Architectural Glass  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
I’ve had so many people help me, espe-  
Getting into PPG. I’ve had so many op- cially when first coming into the indus-  
portunities to grow. I originally accepted try, including Michael Rupert, Paul Bush  
a job with a small chemical lab outside and Glenn Miner, to name a few. And  
of Pittsburgh. If I’d taken that job and the customers have been great.  
not applied to PPG, I’ld probably still be What is the major  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
challenge you’ve faced  
in your career?  
Moving into different businesses. dinner on Sunday—my husband, chil-  
Learning new markets, new products. dren, siblings, nieces and nephews, all  
Most of my career was working in the What’s the main advantage  
Industrial Coatings Organization of PPG, of being a woman in the  
on both the manufacturing and mar- glass industry?  
keting sides, with a few years in the I think the industry is excited to get Understanding the organization and the there for family time.  
Chlor-Alkali Group. Then an opportunity women involved; giving us opportunities people working within it.  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
Always ask. The answer may not be the  
one you want, but you will never know  
came to join the PPG Flat Glass (now to learn, grow and contribute.  
Vitro) organization. I knew nothing of Main disadvantage of being a  
the industry, but thought it would be woman in the glass industry?  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
what would you be doing?  
I’d probably still be in the coatings unless you ask.  
exciting to learn something new and do Breaking old paradigms. It’s still a industry.  
What’s something about  
you no one knows?  
Many things, and I would like to keep  
something different.  
First glass industry job?  
Manager of quality, PPG Flat Glass.  
male-dominated industry. We just have What’s your favorite  
to show that we can contribute and weekend activity?  
make a difference given the chance.  
Going to my mother’s house for it that way!  
would be with another man. This may  
allow for a calmer dialogue to take place.  
Main disadvantage of being a  
Door Division  
Clover Architectural Products woman in the glass industry.  
Sometimes you’re not taken as seriously  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
as a man would be when you first en-  
counter someone new.  
I was an economics major in college Who are your heroes/mentors?  
and, after graduating, I applied for jobs In my early years, there was a woman  
in the financial industry. One of my named Barb Blank who taught me a lot  
good friends worked in the glass indus- about estimating. I still remember her ad-  
try and let me know of a job opening, vice today when I’m working on quotes.  
and the rest is history.  
First Glass Industry Job?  
Order entry at Doralco.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
Also, I’ve worked with Jim Stremplewski  
since I started in this industry 15 years  
ago. He has taught me so much over the  
years and continues to do so today.  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
Being promoted to division manager of what would you be doing?  
Doralco’s entrance metal division was Probably working in the financial  
when I had to really grow and step out industry or staying home with my  
of my comfort zone. Also, starting here daughter.  
at Clover Architectural Products. It’s What’s your favorite  
been exciting to be a part of a company weekend activity?  
from almost the beginning.  
Spending time with my daughter and  
my husband.  
Best advice you  
Main Advantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry.  
In some instances, men may not be as have ever gotten?  
confrontational with a woman as they Under-promise and over-deliver.  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u43siness  
The Engineers  
Shanita Carmichael  
Senior Production Engineer  
Vitro Architectural Glass  
by negative influences, drugs and If you weren’t doing this job,  
violence every day. what would you be doing?  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
Working in the semiconductor industry.  
I enjoyed my days of suiting up and  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
Just like any other industry, we are ap- working in a cleanroom environment.  
proaching 2018 and gender inequality What’s your favorite  
Attending college in western Pennsyl- still exists.  
weekend activity?  
I travel two hours every Friday after  
vania, PPG Industries was one of the Who are your heroes/mentors?  
top Fortune 500 companies that was I’m a firm believer that it takes a village work to visit my family in Philadelphia.  
presented at career/job fairs. PPG pro- to raise a child. I’ve had several people Home is where I refuel and gain the  
moted its great culture, career growth in my corner throughout my [entire] energy to tackle the next work week.  
and opportunities for students and life. I wouldn’t be able to list everyone, Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
First glass industry job?  
A contractor for PPG at their research consider my village.  
facility in Pittsburgh. Four months later What is the major challenge  
I became full-time and moved to Carl- you’ve faced in your career?  
isle, Pa., as a production engineer.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
but I have an amazing team of “she- Don’t settle for average; bring your best  
roes” and “he-roes” behind me who I to the moment. Then, whether it fails or  
succeeds, at least you know you gave  
all you had. Live the best that’s in you.  
What’s something about  
Early in my career I faced many chal- you no one knows?  
lenges where I felt I wasn’t treated I’m the oldest of nine, with six brothers  
fairly, and I had to learn that challenges and two sisters who are twins. I also  
Completing high school and being the are not sent to destroy you, but to have three nieces, who have me wrapped  
first in my family to graduate college. strengthen your character, humble you, around their little fingers. My family is  
I gave hope to my family, friends and promote growth and, most importantly, my life, my purpose, my strength, my  
community where we are surrounded prepare you for victory.  
love, and my heaven on earth.  
YReugwioandaleTeecShneincaalmAdovnistorree What’s the main advantage  
Also, Christopher Lipp, architectural en-  
gineer with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Asso-  
ciates. Chris has been a true hero since  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
Gender doesn’t provide an advantage the day we met when he interviewed  
or disadvantage. Everyone can be suc- me at Kawneer. He has been a great  
cessful if they are willing to work hard. supporter.  
Guardian Glass  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
Speaking like a true nerd, the unique Who are your heroes/mentors?  
What is the major challenge  
characteristics of a glass façade—its Tanya Dolby, principal engineer at you’ve faced in your career?  
strength and beauty—fascinated me. My Kawneer. She started her career as a Limited resources and educational train-  
curiosity led me to want to learn more drafter and was recently promoted to ing for glass and glazing compared to  
about its applications, capabilities and a principal engineer, overseeing design resources for other building materials.  
limitations. Once I was “in,” the people and development of new products. As If you weren’t doing this job,  
have compelled me to stay.  
First glass industry job?  
Curtainwall design engineer  
at Kawneer.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
an illustration of her strong work ethic, what would you be doing?  
she completed her bachelor’s degree, I might be working for a nonprofit  
professional engineering license and organization that builds schools for  
recently a master’s degree while work- underdeveloped countries.  
ing full time. She is also a mother of What’s your favorite  
three beautiful daughters, a tennis weekend activity?  
The move I made was from being a player, power walker and book lover. Recently I’ve been taking piano lessons.  
design engineer to joining the Guardian My mentors include Chris Dolan, direc- So my current favorite weekend activity  
Glass regional technical advisor team. tor, SunGuard market, Guardian Glass is practicing piano and getting ready for What’s something about  
It took me out of my comfort zone in North America. His work in building my first recital in December.  
an engineering world, and I jumped into Guardian’s commercial program from Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
marketing and sales. So far it has been the ground up, as well as his knowledge Be yourself and have fun in what the globe; to explore, connect and learn  
you no one knows?  
I love taking solo adventures around  
one of the best decisions I’ve made.  
of the industry, is extremely impressive. you do.  
other cultures.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
SMaanbargienra Leung  
market with more sophisticated en-  
gineering, technical sales and larger  
commercial projects. I jumped at the  
chance to manage these projects.  
What’s the main advantage of  
being a woman in the glass  
industry? Main disadvantage?  
Some potential customers will work with  
me readily because I’m not a man, so they  
feel I may offer a different perspective,  
Architectural Projects,  
Sales Administration  
and R&D/Engineering  
Crystal Window  
Door Systems  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
After earning my Bachelor’s Degree may listen to their needs better and be  
in electrical engineering in Ohio, I more willing to customize products. Oth-  
moved to New York City and attended ers may feel uncertain about my experi- ertheless the quotes are instructional, weekend activity?  
St. John’s University for my Master’s ence and expertise because I’m a woman. insightful and inspiring.  
Going to parks and museums with my  
Degree in risk management. I got a Who are your heroes/mentors?  
What is the major challenge  
husband and 4-year old son. I also love  
building Legos with my son.  
position with one of the largest man- I’ve learned a lot working at Crystal you’ve faced in your career?  
ufacturers in the city, Crystal Windows. from Steve Chen in terms of manag- I had to learn to delegate and direct Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
What was your first  
glass industry job?  
ing operations, and from Thomas Chen people rather than do everything myself. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.  
in terms of seizing opportunities and If you weren’t doing this job,  
Don’t second-guess decisions. Move for-  
ward with confidence (but not arrogance).  
Crystal Windows as a sales represen- having vision to lead your employees. I what would you be doing?  
tative in 2004.  
What do you consider your pivotal  
admire President Abraham Lincoln very I would probably be working as an What’s something about  
much. Also, my father is my mentor in underwriter in insurance or with a you no one knows?  
that he shares with me quotes from financial institution.  
I always wanted to join the Green Peace  
Crystal was entering the architectural people you’ve never heard of, but nev- What’s your favorite  
great faith in me, and I was not going  
to let them down.  
Project Management  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
Any woman employed in a male-domi-  
nated industry has an internal drive to  
SAFTI First  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
After graduating from UCLA with an prove that she can do the job just as  
engineering degree, I returned to San well as he can. We work long hours,  
Francisco to begin my job quest. I overly prepare ourselves for meetings  
met William O’Keeffe, owner of SAFTI and dedicate extensive personal time  
FIRST, who informed me of a job oppor- to ongoing education within our trade.  
tunity in project management. I applied, Once we’ve overcome the sense of infe-  
not exactly knowing what all it entailed, riority, we gain an immense amount of  
but once hired, I could see the horizon confidence and empowerment.  
Marine. He served his county in the Iraq What’s your favorite  
before me.  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
War. My mentor is William O’Keeffe, weekend activity?  
First glass industry job?  
who always took the time to educate Anything with the children. Time is  
Working harder than others to prove me in all aspects of the industry and so precious, especially when you’re a  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
that you can do the job.  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
Being given the UC Davis Hospital proj- My parents for their sacrifice and com- If you weren’t doing this job,  
ect to manage. It was, at that time, the mitment to provide my siblings and what would you be doing?  
the business. He is a true entrepreneur working mother. You literally cherish  
and a wonderful human being.  
every second.  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
This, too, shall pass.  
largest fire-rated glass project ever in me with better opportunities than they Something construction-related. This What’s something about  
the United States. I was only 25 years had, and my brother, Martin Heagney, is my home now, and I wouldn’t you no one knows?  
old, but I knew that my company had for putting his life on the line as a U.S. change it for anything.  
I love anything trivia-related.  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u45siness  
The Engineers  
Ann Tarancon  
Senior Project Engineer  
Steel Encounters  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
I grew up in the business. My dad (Bert put me on the spot. I remember one estimator from the same two companies.  
Vandenberg) worked for Bennett’s Paint job where I showed up for a meeting, He always had time to answer my ques-  
and Glass and later Steel Encounters. My and the owner’s representative thought tions, no matter how busy he was.  
grandfather taught drafting and blueprint I was one of the subcontractor’s daugh- What is the major challenge  
men. They would challenge me on every the glass industry and continued to help  
new project to test my knowledge and me in my early years. Also, Ron Isaac, an  
reading at the local college.  
First glass industry job?  
Working on a small Mountain Bell build- the meeting to review the schedule of 1980s, I had a choice to make. The  
ters and tweaked my nose. You should you’ve faced in your career?  
have seen his face when I stood up in When the economy fell in the late  
ing (now that’s a name from the past). our delivery dates.  
company I worked for closed its doors  
so I moved to Colorado to be an estima-  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
My dad, for his drive and determination. tor for A-1 Glass. This was out of my  
When the economy took a dive in the He worked three jobs when I was a kid comfort zone, but worth it.  
late 1980s, I got my first shot at esti- to support the family: nights doing shop What’s your favorite  
mating by moving to Colorado to work drawings in our basement for Kawneer, weekend activity?  
days at Bennett’s Paint and Glass, and My husband and I enjoy the outdoors,  
weekends playing the base fiddle for a ice fishing and riding our UTVs.  
group called the George Fisher Band. Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
The only time I got to see him was when Listen and you can learn a lot. My dad  
I’d go down to the basement and he’d told me this early on. By following his  
explain to me what he was drawing. advice, I found people to be a wealth of  
My mentors are Gary Vakeika, a project knowledge and experience.  
for A-1 Glass.  
What’s the main advantage of  
being a woman in the glass  
People remember your name.  
Main disadvantage of  
being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
manager/detailer for Associated Spe- What’s something about  
In the 1980s, glass and construction cialties and later Steel Encounters. He you no one knows?  
industry jobs were primarily done by helped me get my first drafting job in I’m afraid of snakes.  
Melissa Thompson  
Glass Solutions Engineer  
ASSA ABLOY Architectural  
Accessories and  
Figuring out how to make a complicated  
hardware set work on a glass door.  
If you weren’t doing this job, what  
would you be doing?  
Door Controls Group  
Maybe I’d be an architect. I also have  
a secret desire to be a storm chaser.  
What’s your favorite  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
At first it was just a job after getting out  
of the Army and relocating from Cali-  
fornia to Virginia. After being promoted  
into sales, it became so interesting to  
weekend activity?  
I love to play golf and wish I made more  
time for it. I also love yard work and  
home improvement projects.  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
work on prestigious projects like sports them. Then ASSA ABLOY decided to attached to my work. I take pride in Take care of your customers and they  
stadiums and museums that my family launch a new Glass Solutions division. In projects I get to have a part in.  
will always stay with you. My dad said  
that when I was making my first major  
and friends had heard of.  
First glass industry job?  
Office clerk at Virginia Mirror Company all glass entrances.  
2016, they offered me the opportunity Who are your heroes/mentors?  
to join a team developing hardware for Jack Scholton, formerly employed at All employer jump. The advice I’ve always  
Metal Specialties, taught me more about given my son is “be the best at whatever  
metal fabrication than anyone I’ve ever job you do. Success is not always about  
known. Then there was a whole group job choice but rather how you perform it.”  
of people I served in the U. S. Army with, What’s something about  
in Martinsville, Va.  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
J.E. Berkowitz noticed me in 2001 and Probably when something goes wrong mostly men. They taught me to be as you no one knows?  
offered me a chance to sell glass en- on a job, a man doesn’t want to yell at good as any man I worked with.  
trances with no limits. My knowledge a woman on the other end of the phone What is the major challenge  
of hardware grew tremendously with sometimes. Also, I get emotionally you’ve faced in your career?  
I can sew. That’s a trait I learned from  
my grandmother. I’m also challenged by  
restoring beauty to old cars and furniture.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
Machinery Maven  
Nancy Mammaro  
Mappi America  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
What is the major challenge  
you’ve faced in your career?  
Being able to have a meeting with an  
I’ve never tried to act as a man. I be- audience made up of experts and be  
lieve in myself as a manager; it doesn’t able to keep their attention, especially  
matter if you’re a man or a woman. if they are technicians and engineers.  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
I love the transparency of the All that matters are your ideas and What should be done to  
glass. Glass is an honest material, your results.  
encourage women to enter  
the glass/glazing industry?  
There are more and more women en-  
unable to hide its strengths and weak- Main disadvantage of being a  
nesses. You can’t cheat with glass; it’s woman in the glass industry?  
the result of how you worked. Every day I really don’t think there are any disad- tering the manufacturing sector these  
I strive to make glass even more per- vantages. Your success in this industry days. They need to follow their passion  
fect and have instilled this philosophy depends on being yourself with your and be themselves. Each and every  
at Mappi.  
own vision of the markets and products. woman has the right to compete in  
First glass industry job?  
You knew you’d made it in a  
a supposed “man’s sector,” such as  
I worked for years in the accounting “man’s business” when….  
department. During those years I began When men in the industry started If you weren’t doing this job,  
to learn more and more about the cus- to believe and trust in my words what would you be doing?  
tomer’s needs.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
and ideas.  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
Stewart Walmsley, previously with What’s your favorite  
I can’t imagine doing anything different.  
I love my job and it brings me great joy.  
I think my big break is not having an Besana-Lovati, Gianfranco Di Marco weekend activity?  
engineering degree. Fortunately, I’m from Protemp Glass and my mother— When I’m at home I really enjoy spend-  
counting on my research and develop- she is my hero. She came to the U.S. ing time with family and friends.  
ment department that gives me private more than 50 years ago and could not Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
lessons about every single part and im- speak English. She took care of my sis- Be yourself and always be alert.  
provement in the machinery. They say ter and me in this foreign country from What’s something about  
I’m a diligent student, although I ask too an Italian-American community in New you no one knows?  
many questions.  
This will stay a secret. I’m a woman of  
my word, and I keep secrets very well.  
Balancing Acts  
band and working at various hours, sometimes throughout  
the evenings and weekend to balance personal and work  
Helen Sanders, strategic business development with  
Technoform Glass Insulation North America, agrees that as  
a working mother, she’s constantly juggling family commit-  
ments with work needs.  
I could not manage it without a very supportive spouse  
who does more than his fair share at home and an employer  
that fully supports and encourages flexible working,” she  
While every job has its challenges, finding the balance says. “As I age, I’ve also developed a better perspective on  
between work and family was a common theme shared by the balance; it doesn’t necessarily mean equal in terms of  
many of the women featured in this special section.  
time. It’s different person-to-person and the optimum bal-  
As Nataline Lomedico, CEO of Giroux Glass, explained it, ance for you, individually, changes over time, depending on  
her challenge is “Juggling time with my children and hus- the stage of the business you’re in and the stage of your life.”  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u47siness  
The Marketers  
Erin Johnson  
keting, and I can confirm that customer industry have helped to communicate blessed to work for and have been men-  
service was and is the best training to the advancements in our industry and tored by the best in our industry. Both  
learn about customers and the industry. to show that it has tremendous poten- led Edgetech to the multinational com-  
Marketing Director  
Quanex Building Products  
First glass industry job?  
tial for growth.  
Customer service for Edgetech in 1993. Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
Our industry is such an opportunity for I like commercial real estate and enjoy  
pany that Edgetech/Quanex is today.  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
what would you be doing?  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
Being hired right out of college and women. We have a major labor short- seeing the potential of buying and re-  
working for a company founded by one age. This industry is an opportunity for storing properties in the right markets.  
of the best innovators in our industry, anyone.  
Dale Lauren Foland. Being hired into Who are your heroes/mentors?  
customer service was also a big break. Dale Foland, founder and CEO of Lau- We love boating and have enjoyed  
Being on the phone with customers ren. Any of us who have had the plea- teaching our children, Alex and Ava, to  
right from the beginning gave me in- sure to work for and with Dale are truly water-ski.  
What’s your favorite  
weekend activity?  
sight into their marketing needs. Also, blessed. He was a visionary and always, Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
meeting my husband, Larry Johnson, always welcomed new ideas and inno- “Customers always come first. Treat  
in the industry. He has been my best vation. Kevin Gray, founding president every customer with respect. Do the  
supporter, and I can’t imagine my life of Edgetech IG. Kevin was Dale Foland’s right thing.” These are all pillars that  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
I re-located to the New Philadelphia, or this industry without him.  
Ohio, area right out of college. I distrib- What’s the main advantage  
uted my résumé to local contacts and of being a woman in the  
was referred for a customer service glass industry?  
protégé, and had the manufacturing Dale Foland lived by and communicated  
and finance savvy and vision to take us at Lauren and Edgetech.  
from a small team to Edgetech. Kevin What’s something about  
mentored all of us to be the best that you no one knows?  
position with a start-up company. I was Most of the women that I work with we could be, and he always supported I’m intensely afraid of clowns. I’ve been  
hired as part of the small team that in the glass industry are in marketing, our customer-focused initiatives. Mike afraid of them since birth and couldn’t  
started Edgetech, a division of Lauren sales, PR, communications and brand Hovan and George Wilson, presidents go to the circus or anything—and forget  
Manufacturing. My degree was in mar- management. I think the women in our of Edgetech IG. Again, I’ve been truly Ronald McDonald!  
Diana San Diego  
Vice President of Marketing  
sexism that exists, and, not just in the What is the major challenge  
glass industry. It’s a good thing to be you’ve faced in your career?  
attentive and helpful to people that Everyone is bombarded with infor-  
we work with or do business with, but mation in every conceivable way. The  
women have to be more careful about challenge is how to cut through the  
not “sending the wrong signal,” as it noise, grab someone’s attention and  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
When I interviewed with SAFTI FIRST, I may result in unwelcome advances. I communicate a meaningful message to  
was a fairly recent college graduate and don’t think men have to think about this the intended audience as succinctly as  
all I wanted was a job that would allow in the workplace as much as women do. possible.  
me to move out of my parents’ house. Who are your heroes/mentors?  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
the job that you have.” This advice was  
given to me early in my career. I don’t  
First glass industry job?  
I consider Bill O’Keeffe, our president what would you be doing?  
Marketing coordinator at SAFTI FIRST. and CEO, as an important mentor. He If I had the talent and discipline, I think just mean that in the literal sense of  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
has pushed me outside of my comfort I would have tried to become a profes- fashion ... I think it also helped in being  
zone and in many ways, broadened my sional golfer.  
A few months after I was hired, I had education outside of marketing and into What’s your favorite  
the opportunity to work directly with other aspects of our business. I consider weekend activity?  
taken seriously, especially since this  
was my first “real” job out of college. Of  
course, you have to back it all up with  
the president and CEO on anything and my grandfather, a World War II veteran, I like to cook, especially trying new rec- hard work and substance.  
everything marketing-related. At 24 as my hero. He fought alongside U.S. ipes that either inspire or intimidate me. What’s something about  
years old and extremely inexperienced, forces in the Far East and survived the I also enjoy hiking, playing golf, wine you no one knows?  
it was daunting and scary.  
Bataan Death March in the Philippines. tasting, going to the beach and reading I have an extraordinary talent for binge-  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
After the war, he became a U.S. citizen a book.  
and dedicated his life to bringing us to Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
To some degree, there is still some this country for a better life.  
watching original shows on Netflix and  
HBO. Sometimes it even scares me. I  
“Dress for the job that you want, not just have to know what happens next.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
Management & Operation Leaders  
Jessica Rios  
Operations Manager  
YKK AP America,  
Dallas Branch  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
available to talk to with except me. I dominating the workplace. In the short  
inquired further about why they were time that I’ve been in the industry,  
Coming to YKK AP and getting to calling. They replied with a response I’ve always been amazed by the small  
be a part of such a great company that was more like talking in circles. I number of women. YKK was my first  
that supports and recognizes such gathered all of the information and was exposure to this not being the case.  
effectively able to answer the question I believe that recruiters and women  
with the little information I was given. within the industry should continue to  
All I heard was silence for a moment network and expose other women to  
on the other line. This is when I knew I the industry.  
What’s the main advantage of  
being a woman in the glass  
Women can do anything. Bottom line. belonged and I could do anything any- If you weren’t doing this job,  
Being a part of an industry that is pre- one else could do.  
what would you be doing?  
I would like to explore the world of  
All of my fellow managers and support architecture and possibly serve as a  
in headquarters here at YKK have been consultant for architects to assist with  
dominately male-based and changing Who are your heroes/mentors?  
that perception is huge.  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
tremendous mentors.  
architectural aluminum needs.  
What’s your favorite  
weekend activity?  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
There is a misconception that arises What is the major challenge  
occasionally that as a woman, you you’ve faced in your career?  
A learning opportunity for something have a lack of knowledge with building I would say that given my age and Trying new places to eat.  
that was brand new to me and I knew things or how things go together. This falling in the millennial group, I tend Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
nothing about at the time.  
First glass industry job?  
My first glass industry job was at a “man’s business” when ...  
is obviously not true.  
You knew you’d made it in a  
to get typecast occasionally. I keep “You don’t have to be great at some-  
myself sharp with any knowledge I can thing to start, but you have to start to  
get my hands on to overcome this.  
be great at something.”  
company called Arch Aluminum and At a previous job, someone I was What should be done to encour-  
Glass, which later turned into Trulite speaking with asked if he could be age women to enter the glass/  
Glass and Aluminum. I started in Oc- transferred to a man in the office. I glazing industry?  
—Zig Ziglar  
What’s something about  
you no one knows?  
tober of 2007.  
politely replied that there was no one We live in a time where women are I love listening to vinyl records.  
Karlyn Salter  
Commercial Territory  
gional sales manager for the South Re- What is the major challenge  
gion, took a chance on me. I had zero you’ve faced in your career?  
outside sales experience and no knowl- It’s challenging to learn customer per-  
Guardian Glass  
edge of the glass and glazing industry.  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
sonalities and how to sell to them: What  
makes them tick and what “ticks them  
off.” I’ve learned that you have to be  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
It kind of fell in my lap. I was work- male industry, I feel that women have approach each situation and communi-  
ing for Guardian Building Products, to somewhat prove themselves to be cate it to the parties involved has to be  
planning events for Building Products taken seriously. Is it right? No, but it’s based on the personalities of the people  
Being a woman in a predominantly a problem-solver. However, how you  
as well as Guardian Glass. At a glass just the nature of the beast.  
working around you.  
meeting in Chicago, the Midwest re- Who are your heroes/mentors?  
If you weren’t doing this job,  
gional sales manager mentioned that a I’m very fortunate and thankful to have what would you be doing?  
position was opening up, so I inquired. intelligent, ambitious and hard-working I would probably still be doing some-  
That was five years ago, and probably co-workers and customers who have thing around event planning. Planning  
one of my best decisions.  
helped mentor me along the way. Co- events provides instant gratification, the kids run rampant.  
First glass industry job?  
workers that have helped guide me day- and my personality definitely enjoys Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
Commercial territory sales manager to-day, customers that took me under those atta-girl moments.  
Stay true to myself.  
with Guardian Glass, which is my cur- their wing to teach me their businesses What’s your favorite  
What’s something about  
you no one knows?  
rent position.  
and glaziers who let me tag along to weekend activity?  
jobsites and answered questions are My favorite weekend activity is getting I’m a member of my high school ath-  
just a few of the ways the great people together with friends, cooking out, letic hall of fame for basketball and  
What do you consider your  
pivotal moment?  
When Ryan Sexton, Guardian Glass re- of our industry have mentored me.  
watching college football and letting volleyball.  
October 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Wconotminueend fMromeapnagBe u49siness  
Association Advocates  
Deb Callahan  
Women in general have a unique ability Goodwin, whose unique perspective on  
to find the human element in their work. historical events provides context for  
Because I’m not an engineer, it was easy the world we live in today.  
National Fenestration  
Rating Council  
for me to gain an appreciation for the What is the major challenge  
technical “how” and to move to the big- you’ve faced in your career?  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
The opportunity to be the deputy di- woman in the glass industry?  
ger picture of “why” it’s important.  
Main disadvantage of being a  
Rebranding NFRC into a more progres-  
sive and dynamic organization. Doing so  
required pushing back on ingrained no-  
rector at NFRC. Going from 20+ years Gender bias remains a challenge tions, developing a vision for the future,  
working for health-related associations that manifests in pay discrepancies, and conveying the need for a better  
to the fenestration industry was quite a fewer leadership positions and overall balance between our inward focus (the What’s your favorite  
culture shock.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
Who are your heroes/mentors?  
My very first boss Ann Parker Maust. on the larger industry, our place in it, running, kayaking, and being out and  
development of our ratings and certifi- weekend activity?  
cation programs) and an outward focus Playing bass guitar in a band, biking,  
Serving as interim and then permanent She taught me the value of prepared- and our calling to serve the public.  
CEO at NFRC. That the NFRC board ness and asking the tough questions. If you weren’t doing this job,  
put its trust in me during a tumultuous Theodore Roosevelt; his life story is one what would you be doing?  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
Care deeply and never give up.  
time was both a humbling and energiz- of discipline, tenacity and achievement. The pragmatist in me would be run- What’s something about  
ing experience.  
My wife Emilie, who as a neonatal nurse ning a consulting firm specializing in you no one knows?  
practitioner, grounds me and helps me organizational design and strategy. The I traced my family roots back to the  
understand life, death and all that re- entrepreneur would own a small-batch 1250s. You’ve got to know who you are  
What’s the main advantage of  
being a woman in the glass  
ally matters. Historian Doris Kearns bourbon distillery.  
to understand where you’re meant to go.  
UTercmhniicllaal DJiroekchtour -Sowell What’s the main advantage  
Glass Association  
of North America  
me. My parents moved to the United  
States when they were at the top of  
their careers. They moved here to  
of being a woman in the  
glass industry?  
My advantage stems from my 17 years give their three girls a better life with  
of experience in both glass and labora- more opportunities, while starting over  
tory testing combined with my master’s themselves. They’ve instilled an excel-  
degree in civil engineering from Texas lent work ethic, a drive and passion for  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
Breaking glass! My job out of college Tech University and my professional constant learning and growth in all of  
was working at a testing laboratory in engineering license from the state of us. My mentors … where do I start?  
South Florida. I’ve tested all types of Florida. There are no advantages in the I got to work with Greg Carney. I have  
building envelope products, from win- glazing industry based on gender. Indi- the globally recognized experts in this  
dows/doors to roofs/skylights to shut- vidual success is derived from ability and industry willing to teach and share their  
ters. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect dependability.  
knowledge with me. Some of my dear  
friends are Bill Lingnell, Julie Schim-  
of the industry; understanding why the Main disadvantage of being a  
product failed and helping to make a woman in the glass industry?  
melpenningh, Thom Zaremba, Tom Culp What’s your favorite  
Advantage in glass and engineering and Kim Mann. My list is incredibly weekend activity?  
is based on experience, academic long ... Hanging out with my husband and girls.  
knowledge and the ability to work What is the major challenge  
with others. This has no basis in gen- you’ve faced in your career?  
der, but rather in personal ability. There are not enough hours in the day having fun, it’s time to move on.  
stronger product for the industry.  
First glass industry job?  
Assistant technical director of GANA.  
What do you consider  
Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
When you are no longer learning or  
your pivotal moment?  
Any successful individual likely feels the We all have our own strengths and for the amount of education and work What’s something about  
same way I do; while there is something weaknesses that we build upon to that needs to be done.  
you no one knows?  
I absolutely do not believe in an “oh, woe  
is me” attitude. I don’t see gender dif-  
to be said for being in the right place at offer the best we can to our chosen If you weren’t doing this job,  
the right time, success is based on per- profession.  
sonal ability, dedication, a love for your Who are your heroes/mentors?  
work and having a good attitude about all My parents and my husband, who on but hopefully I’d be as passionate about When you start to see it, you cultivate  
what would you be doing?  
I need to think about this some more, ferences or any differences as divisive.  
things associated with your profession.  
a daily basis, continue to encourage it as I am about GANA.  
it and you become part of the problem.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2017  
MExeacrugtiavereDtireWcteobr b  
in place approximately six months prior men and women, the dynamics change diplomacy, integrity and personality.  
to the IGMAC-Sealed Insulating Glass to the mutual benefit of both and the What is the major challenge  
Insulating Glass  
Manufacturers Association (SIGMA) industry itself.  
you’ve faced in your career?  
I would say the IGMAC/SIGMA merger  
and managing the change from two  
Manufacturers Alliance  
First glass industry job?  
Main disadvantage of being a  
woman in the glass industry?  
IGMAC/IGMA is my first glass industry You still encounter some of the “good separate and nationalistic organizations  
job, though I did work at the Canada old boy” thinking and posturing, but it into one international group.  
manufactured housing industry trade certainly has lessened over the past 20 If you weren’t doing this job,  
association and before that for an ar- years. What’s interesting is if a woman what would you be doing?  
chitect as a specification writer.  
What do you consider  
your pivotal moment?  
sticks to her position, she’s aggressive. I would probably have been a math or  
If a man does, he’s assertive. It’s an in- science teacher.  
teresting difference.  
What’s your favorite  
weekend activity?  
Reading and gardening.  
I’m not sure I would consider one single You knew you’d made it in a  
position or event as a big break. I have “man’s business” when ...  
worked hard and benefited from my One of my members was in shock when Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  
employer’s or members’ recognition of I wore a dress to a networking event. Listen. Don’t speak, as people don’t like  
my efforts and accomplishments.  
What’s the main advantage  
of being a woman in the  
He hadn’t thought of me as a woman, silences and will fill them. You will learn  
just a person. I don’t think of the glass more that way.  
What attracted you to  
the glass industry?  
industry as a man’s business. It’s a peo- What’s something about  
I wasn’t specifically attracted to the glass industry?  
ple business.  
you no one knows?  
I have a strong sense of separating my  
glass industry, but had extensive No long lines for the restrooms at con- Who are your heroes/mentors?  
experience with another trade asso- ferences…just kidding. The great thing There are quite a few, but the woman personal and business world. So, from  
ciation, and the opportunity to work about the glass industry is that unlike I admire the most has been and will a business perspective, there probably  
for the Insulating Glass Manufactur- other industries, there are quite a few probably continue to be Julia Schim- isn’t much that folks don’t know about  
ers Alliance of Canada (IGMAC), just women. Anytime you have task groups, melpennigh. She is a class act with the me. From the personal side, I like to  
prior to the merger, came up. I was committees, industry events with both right combination of technical expertise, keep that private.  
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Lifting Equipment  
Growth in  
Handling and  
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