nnovations in glass technology keep pushing glass  
to the forefront of design. More and more, glass is  
replacing traditional materials in projects around  
the world. These glass structures maintain the integ-  
rity of the locality,but with a modern twist.This global  
trend is exemplified by two new structures in Europe.  
Glazing Innovations  
Take Recent Projects  
to New Heights  
b y J o r d a n S c o t t  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
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Not only are the glass bricks strong,  
they are environmentally friendly. Ac-  
The only parts of the façade that  
The building was designed around a  
ground source heat pump, which uses  
transparency with a local color and mo-  
into traditional terracotta bricks at the dernity with heritage.”  
Chanel flagship store in Amsterdam,  
The storefront, completed in 2016, cording to information on MVRDV’s  
creating a floating effect. Dutch archi- is made entirely of glass bricks that website, imperfect bricks were either  
tecture firm MVRDV designed a large, were cast and crafted by Poesia in Italy. melted down and remolded or repur-  
modern space for Warenar Real Estate According to MVRDV, the bricks are posed during construction. The façade  
while also maintaining the Dutch her- held in place by a high-strength, UV- can be melted down and given new life at  
itage and architecture of the original bonded, transparent adhesive from the end of its current usefulness as well.  
structure. The firm’s goal was to create Delo Industrial Adhesives in Germany.  
a stand-out store on Amsterdam’s lux-  
ury brand street.  
The sensitivity of the materials cannot by melted down for reuse are  
required a high level of accuracy. A added security features, such as a con-  
We said to the client,‘let’s bring back technical development team worked crete ram-raid defense plinth.  
what will be demolished but develop it onsite throughout the project’s one-year  
further’” says Winy Maas, architect and duration.  
co-founder of MVRDV on the firm’s  
Strength tests conducted by the renewable resources to provide energy  
website. “Crystal Houses make space Delft University of Technology show to the building. The pump’s pipes lead  
for a remarkable flagship store, respect the glass storefront is stronger than up to 170 meters underground. This  
the structure of the surroundings and concrete in certain aspects. The glass provides the optimal indoor climate  
bring a poetic innovation in glass con- façade can withstand a force of up year round.  
struction. It enables global brands to to 42,000 Newton, the equivalent  
combine the overwhelming desire of of two full-sized SUVs.  
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September 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Tconrtainunedsfrfoom rpamge 7i3ng Tradition  
Knightsbridge Lift, London  
The creators of the “tallest self-sup- which hides the machinery when not stacked glass before, is its circular ge-  
porting glass structure in the world”el- being used.  
ometry.This means that the stiffness of  
evated design to meet functionality at  
“We needed to bring as much light the glass is much higher than normal  
an 8-story home in London’s Knights- down as possible, so maximum trans- flat glass,” says Vasilchenko-Malishev.  
parency was required. Light also “The geometry helped us to make the  
Tim Flynn Architects, based in Lon- refracts from the glass surface and glass as slender as possible. Curving  
don, wanted to create a glass elevator bounces off at lower levels,” says Gen- glass panels of that size and shape (un-  
through the central core of the home’s nady Vasilchenko-Malishev, director, rolled surfaces were rhomboid shape)  
spiral staircase that would be structur- Malishev Engineers. “[Glass] works was a major challenge.Lamination was  
ally independent. Malishev Engineers a bit like a light conduit. In addition, another major issue.”  
of Bath, England was the structural structural glass in compression is one  
engineer for the project. The firm was of the most efficient materials based on the project shows architects potentially  
chosen based on its previous experi- the ratio of its stiffness and mass.”  
bridge district.  
According to Vasilchenko-Malishev,  
simpler and more elegant ways to de-  
ence on a similar project, the Bolton’s  
A cylindrical rooftop structure al- sign enclosures. He says the glass man-  
Place glass elevator,completed in 2006. lows for the removal and replacement ufacturers and installers were pushed to  
The Knightsbridge lift design fea- of glass if necessary. The glass was in- their limits during the year-long project,  
tures 28 meters of curved, laminated stalled through the operable roof light, which was completed in March 2016. s  
glass with a 1.4-meter diameter sup- and none of the panels were  
plied by Glass UK. The structure’s damaged during the process.  
weight is supported by a concrete slab  
at the bottom of the shaft.  
Despite the thoughtful design,  
the team faced some difficulties  
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editorial assistant of USGlass  
magazine. She can be  
A cantilevered steel handrail wraps due to the small, round space en-  
around the lift, acting as a splice joint circling the staircase.  
reached at  
between glass panels on each floor.The  
“What’s different in this proj-  
elevator is driven by a single stage ram, ect, as we have done vertically  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  

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