Energy Environment  
Vitro Architectural Glass Publishes  
EPDs for Flat and Processed Glass  
itro Architectural Glass has  
published third-party-verified,  
product-specific Type III Envi-  
ronmental Product Declarations (EPDs)  
for its flat glass and processed glass  
products. According to the company, it  
is the first architectural glass manufac-  
turer in North America to do so.  
“EPDs continue to grow in value as  
green building certification programs  
and sustainable design become more  
mainstream,” says Paul W. Bush,Vitro’s  
director of technical services.“Today’s  
architects demand greater transpar- Vitro Architectural Glass has published EPDs for its flat glass and processed  
glass products, which have been used on a wide range of projects, such as the  
continued on page 36 Nemours DuPont Hospital.  
Dhe OU.SE. DeAparwtmeantrofdEnserg$y 2.5 Million to BIPV DHoweevvere, ulnolikpe mthosee nprotducts,  
a solar technology company de-  
veloping energy-generating windows,  
as part of the department’s SunShot  
In July, Santa Barbara, Calif.-based  
Next Energy Technologies was selected  
to receive the grant, which it will match  
for a project budget of $5 million.  
According to the DOE, the SunShot  
program is a national effort aimed “to  
make solar energy a low-cost electric-  
ity source for all Americans through  
research and development efforts in  
collaboration with public and private  
DOE) awarded $2.5 million to  
Next’s technology has yet to be imple-  
mented commercially. The company  
hopes the DOE’s support will help  
make that a reality.  
The company’s coating technology  
is the same type of dye coating tradi-  
tionally used for photography film. It  
is applied on the No. 2 surface using  
specialized coating heads integrated  
in a fabrication line—after the glass is  
cut, tempered and washed and before  
it is encapsulated in the insulating  
glass unit process.  
CEO Daniel Emmett says Next has “a  
joint development and license agree-  
Next CTO Corey Hoven holds an ment in place for commercialization  
Next, a startup company founded by 8-by-8-inch functional prototype.  
a team of scientists and engineers, is  
with a U.S. glass fabricator,” though he  
could not specify the company. He ex-  
developing energy-harvesting coatings color, as well as its cost-savings produc- pects “full-scale commercialization to  
to be integrated into commercial win- tion methods, set it apart from other begin in mid-2020, and market prep  
dows. The company claims its product’s building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) with alpha and beta installations in the  
aesthetics, due to transparency and offerings currently on the market.  
year or two preceding.”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
ency, and Vitro Glass is committed  
to meeting their expanded require-  
ments. As part of that commitment,  
we decided to pursue the publication  
of product-specific, third-party-ver-  
ified EPDs and to post them publicly  
with the goal of making it easier for  
architects to confirm the information  
we provide and to include our EPDs  
in their sustainability and certification  
The product-specific flat glass EPD  
is valid for all annealed and untreated  
glass products manufactured by Vitro.  
The product-specific processed glass  
EPD is valid for products that undergo  
secondary treatment, such as the ad-  
dition of magnetron sputtered vapor  
deposition coatings, heat-strengthen-  
ing or insulating glass fabrication.  
Both of Vitro’s EPDs are certified by  
ASTM International as conforming to  
the requirements of ISO 14025. n  
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