Winco Window Co. announced pres-  
ident John Campbell will retire. He  
was hired in May 1995 as production  
control and scheduling manager, and  
previously worked at Alcan Aluminum  
Co., White Star Aluminum, Peerless  
Products and Sugar Creek Window and  
Chris Lombard, C.R. Laurence  
Chris Lombard, a 44-year employee of C.R. Laurence Co.,  
died on July 29 at the age of 63.  
According to an obituary on the Talbert Family Foundation  
website, he was hit by a car while helping the victims of an ac-  
cident on the side of a California freeway. Lombard was on his  
way to work to open the building for customers and employees.  
He is survived by his wife, Joyce, and five children.  
“John has been steady at the wheel  
since day one,” says Winco CEO Gantt Cordelia Begay, Louisville Plate Glass  
W. Miller III. “We hired John knowing  
that he would one day run the company  
for us.His manufacturing,engineering,  
product design expertise and informa-  
tion systems experience was the cata-  
lyst for our current operational systems  
and standards.”  
Cordelia Begay of Louisville Plate Glass (LPG) passed away August 12, at  
the age of 50 due to complications from a serious infection, according to LPG.  
“Cordelia was a valuable member of the Louisville Plate Glass Company  
organization for 17 years,” LPG president Bill Stone said. “Her devotion  
to the company set an example to all. She possessed a tireless work ethic,  
was admired by our customers and loved by administrative and production  
staff at LPG.”  
Winco is beginning the search for  
Campbell’s replacement, both inter- had been president of  
nally and outside the company. During insulating glass systems  
the transition, he will continue to be since 2011. In the 18  
a project manager and  
commercial sales man-  
ager for the past 12 years.  
He will oversee sales  
to commercial custom-  
ers and marketing to  
the architectural com- Seth  
munity, with a focus on Patterson  
expanding Thermal’s  
presence in the national fenestration  
actively involved with the business.  
years prior to joining  
Quanex, he held var-  
ious operational and  
Quanex Building Products promoted financial positions of in- George  
George Wilson to chief operating of- creasing responsibility Wilson  
ficer. In this newly created position, at Lauren International  
Wilson is responsible for and Federal-Mogul.  
the company’s U.S. and  
international operations.  
He now reports directly president of commercial sales at Ther-  
Seth Patterson has a new role as vice  
Waylon McCall has been promoted  
to Bill Griffiths, chair, mal Windows Inc. based in Tulsa, Okla. to branch manager at Aldora Alumi-  
president and CEO. Patterson has been involved in con- num and Glass Products’ new loca-  
Prior to this pro- tract sales throughout the U.S. with tion near Atlanta. He is currently plant  
motion, Wilson the company’s commercial division as manager for the company’s Miramar,  
Fla., location.  
McCall will oversee facility upgrades,  
including equipment installation,hiring  
and training of all on-site personnel.  
Once the location is operational, he will  
be in charge of all day-to-day activities.  
Over the past 20 years,he has worked  
his way up from the plant floor to plant  
Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG) has promoted  
Emily Dritz to national architectural manager.  
Dritz will market the company’s products to archi-  
tects and help them manage the glass selection pro-  
cess, from initial building design and specification  
through production scheduling, fabrication and final  
Dritz joined the company as an architectural services  
coordinator in 2015. Previously she worked as a project  
architect for Rothschild Doyno Collaborative and as a grad-  
uate architect for Peter Margittai Architects, both of Pitts-  
burgh. She earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture  
from Kent State University and a master’s degree in archi-  
tecture from the University of Cincinnati.  
Lamatek announced its promotion  
of Jamie Kifferly to account manager.  
Kifferly joined the company in 2016  
as a member of the sales team and also  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
has assisted with train-  
ing new hires.  
Door Systems. Rodri- Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, West  
guez has nearly 30 years Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and  
of experience in the fen- North and South Dakota. He has archi-  
estration manufacturing tectural and construction management  
industry and has been experience and is located in Chicago.  
In his new position,  
Kifferly will work closely  
with the company’s sales  
and business develop- with Crystal Pacific the  
ment department, while Robert past three years, previ- necticut, Massachusetts, Vermont,  
continuing as the main Rodriguez ously serving as its gen- Main, New Hampshire, Rhode Island  
contact for many new eral manager. and New York.  
and existing customers. Previously, Rodriguez  
Eberwein’s territory includes Con-  
was general manager for Precision  
Matthew Williams is J.E. Berkow-  
Screen and Security Products in Red- itz’s (JEB) new architectural design  
Firestone Building lands,Calif.Before that,he held various specialist for the Mid-Atlantic region.  
Products announced executive-level positions in operations Williams has extensive experience in  
that Bridgestone exec- and sales with Superior Windows & the architectural glass and glazing in-  
utive Taylor Cole has Doors and Atrium Windows & Doors dustry,having worked on complex cur-  
been appointed its new in the Southern California market.  
president. Cole succeeds  
tainwalls, windows, point-supported  
glass walls, canopies and all-glass en-  
Tim Dunn, who will  
retire October 1 after  
more than 31 years with  
Firestone and its parent  
company, Bridgestone  
LiteSentry Corp. ap- trances. Most recently, he worked at  
pointed Jakub Kowal- New Hudson Facades, where he helped  
czyk as its new sales and manage the Hudson Yards Tower D  
marketing manager.  
project in Midtown Manhattan.  
He has nearly 15  
years of sales and man-  
agement experience in  
Jack Meluskey is the  
new national account  
manager covering the  
As president, Cole Jakub  
will lead the long-term Kowalczyk manufacturing.  
growth strategy and  
In his new position,  
northeast for Mikron,  
a division of Quanex  
Building Products.  
Meluskey has more than  
planning for the com- he leads North American direct sales  
pany, overseeing all of the company’s flagship Osprey In-  
aspects of marketing, spection System for tempered glass Jack  
sales, technology and international and Raven sensor for glass thickness Meluskey  
business development. and coating detection.  
25 years of experience  
in the fenestration in-  
dustry, and most recently served as  
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain recently assistant plant manager for Jeld-Wen,  
Robert Rodriguez  
was appointed pres- appointed Michael Miller Midwest- where he held a variety of positions in  
ident of operations ern regional sales manager and David both sales and operations.  
for Crystal Window Eberwein Northeastern regional sales  
Coast arm, Crystal Miller is responsible for all sales ac-  
Pacific Window & tivities in the states of Illinois, Indiana,  
Door Systems’West manager.  
new hires  
Debra Simonelli has  
joined Adler Windows  
as chief operating officer.  
She has 25 years of ex-  
perience and previously  
worked at Holt Construc-  
tion Corp. as its director  
of risk and compliance.  
Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH) has named Jeremy Davis  
CEO. Norm Plotkin will continue his role as chairperson,  
supporting the company and leading its board of  
Davis has more than 20 years of experience  
leading multi-site operations through transfor-  
mational change in complex, high-tech manu-  
facturing settings,” according to CGH. He was  
previously president of multiple divisions at  
Danaher Corp.  
Simonelli has held various positions  
at the Port Authority of New York and  
New Jersey—World Trade Center Con-  
struction. She is the former CEO of Stu-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
dio Associates Inc. and Frances Steel  
Mathews has spent the erations management. Prior to joining  
last 20 years in the fen- SAF, he was a facility manager for Ni-  
estration industry. Most trix, plant manager for the Copper &  
recently, he was the na- Brass Sales Division of Thyssen Krupp  
tional accounts manager Materials, and manager for steel ser-  
and regional sales man- vice centers with S&S Steel Services  
ager for Quanex Build- and Performance Metals.  
Dash Door & Closer  
Service Inc. hired Scott  
Schneider as chief fi-  
nancial officer.Schneider Rick  
has 17 years of manage- Mathews  
ment experience with a ten years. Prior to that,  
background in strategic he served as regional sales manager for  
ing Products for the past  
Viracon’s newest ar-  
chitectural sale rep-  
resentative is Jason  
Schneider planning, performance equipment solutions companies such  
management, corporate as GED Integrated Solutions, Carlson  
finance,financial planning and analysis, Systems and Bystronic.  
tax, and risk management.  
He joins the company from Kaufman  
Rossin, where he led the business con-  
sulting practice.Prior to that,he worked  
at Deloitte Consulting LLP for six years.  
Wesely. He was  
member of Viracon’s  
Architectural De-  
sign Group from 2004  
through 2009. Wesely  
most recently served as  
Southern Aluminum Jason  
Finishing Co. (SAF) Wesely  
hired Jim Cooper to  
manage its new Midwest the architectural design sales man-  
branch in Indianapolis. ager for Guardian Industries’ Pacific  
Cooper has extensive region.  
Rick Mathews has joined Erdman  
Automation Corp. as its new western  
regional sales manager.  
experience in plant,  
manufacturing and op-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
The Union Tool Corp. hired Nick  
Simpson, who joins his brother, Chas,  
and co-presidents Chuck Simpson and  
Mike Simpson at the company.  
Nick Simpson previously worked in  
the hospitality sector in various sales  
management roles. He graduated from  
Ball State University in 2014 with a  
Bachelor of Science focused on profes-  
sional selling.  
Window Balances  
Wood Window Jambliners  
Window Replacement Hardware  
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Louisville Plate Glass (LPG), a divi-  
sion of Aldora Aluminum and Glass  
Products, has hired Steve Crum  
and Matthew Veltman as sales  
Crum has a broad background of bud-  
geting, training, customer analysis and  
problem resolution in the high-tech soft-  
ware, hardware and energy industries,  
according to LPG.He also developed and  
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Since 1906, J. Sussman, Inc. has specialized in  
manufacturing the finest custom metal windows,  
projected ventilators and casements.  
We Have  
Custom Shaped Windows  
Metal Bending for the Trade  
Church Windows  
for Stained and Protective Glass)  
Narrow Profile Equal Siteline Windows  
ventilators are indistinguishable from fixed)  
Historical Replication Windows  
Hurricane/Impact Windows  
Dual Color Thermal Windows  
Skylights, Walkways, etc.  
Sunbilt Sunrooms  
Family Owned and Operated Since 1906  
Architectural Products  
09-10 180th Street Jamaica, New York 11433  
Tel: 718-297-0228  
Fax: 718-297-3090  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
sold his own powerboat rental business  
in the Virgin Islands.Veltman has expe-  
rience in the shower enclosure business,  
from billing to designing and technical  
Walker Glass hired John E. Just to  
its Walker Textures architectural pro-  
motion team.  
He has more than 20 years of experi-  
ence in the architectural and contract  
glazing industry. Most recently, he was  
the regional sales manager at St. Cloud  
Window for more than four years.  
BellPro Architectural, a supplier of  
architectural metal products in Rog-  
ers, Minn., hired Chris Spanjers as  
a project manager. His responsibili-  
ties include project management and  
maintaining the company’s quality  
control procedures. n  
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