tapes and adhesives  
Mosaic is developed based on design  
specifications and delivered ready to  
install in a snap-together fashion.  
Mosaic has panels that can be cus-  
tomized based on project requirements  
to achieve a wide range of design goals.  
Installed, the frame offers edge protec-  
tion and creates a polished appearance,  
according to the company, with the op-  
tion to create a multi-purpose product  
by adding magnetic backing, a matte  
projectable finish, a backlit panel or a  
custom printed image.  
Hold it Together  
Goldray Makes a Mosaic  
Capital Tape  
offers a full range  
of ultra high bond  
acrylic tapes,  
and recently in-  
creased the range  
of its 4700 series  
product offerings.  
These can be used  
for applications  
such as cladding  
and muntin/sim-  
ulated divided lite  
Mark It Up  
According to  
The new Mosaic from Goldray Glass  
OcuGlass, an acid-etched glass man-  
the company, the tapes are resistant to is a fully-framed wall cladding system ufacturer in the United States,is now in  
UV, heat, humidity and chemicals.  
designed to make decorative glass in- full production of its writable surface  
stallation easy. An all-in-one solution, glass, OcuWrite.  
The board offers a smooth sur-  
Two Hours Later  
face for easy writing with dry-erase  
and permanent markers. A dry-erase  
Safti First has an-  
nounced the patent-pend-  
ing GPX FireFloor System  
is now listed and labeled  
for two hours, following a  
successful UL 263/ULC-  
S101 test conducted by  
Underwriters Laborato-  
ries (UL) at their test fa-  
cility. The USA-made GPX  
FireFloor System is top-  
loaded for easy installa-  
tion, and has a maximum  
individual panel area of  
marker erases with a dry cloth, and  
permanent marker and spray paint  
can be removed with a household glass  
cleaner, according to the company.  
Since the acid-etch process is not a  
coating, it does not peel, scratch or dis-  
color.Glass thicknesses range from 2 to  
19 mm and various sizes up to 96 by  
130 inches are available. The customer  
can backpaint, magnetize, temper,  
laminate or custom-fabricate the glass,  
and etching can be done on a variety of  
0.9 square feet for ful-  
ly-supported floor panels  
and 25.7 square feet for  
butt-glazed floor panels.  
The GPX FireFloor System  
was tested with a load of 100 psf to meet most loading requirements and is  
available with load spans up to 50 feet. Additional engineering can be done  
for longer spans. The GPX FireFloor System can be used in both interior and  
exterior applications with multiple glass make-ups and frame finishes.  
The single glass unit comprises custom SuperLite II-XL combined with a tem-  
pered laminated non-slip walking surface and a fire-resistive rated structural  
steel framing grid. The framing grid is shipped pre-fabricated and in sections  
for easy field installation. The design allows the installer to set the structural  
frame and load each glass panel from the top.  
National Glass  
Products has Chrisma  
National Glass Products (NGP), a  
provider of interior glass products  
and glass fabrication services, now  
provides ChrismaColor backpainted  
interior glass products, which can be  
a durable, environmentally friendly al-  
ternative to tile and laminate.  
According to the company, the glass  
is easy to customize, as it can match  
virtually any color with most major  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
paint companies. It also uses a special doors and windows  
adhesion promoter that helps prevent Standing Sentinel  
protective glazing  
Structurally Sound  
peeling and fading. This permanent  
CGI’s Sen-  
Pro-Tech 14SG is the newest addition  
to Crawford-Tracey Corp.’s Pro-Tech line  
of pre-glazed products. The product is  
a four-sided,structurally glazed system,  
which currently is tested and approved  
to unsupported spans of 26 feet tall,  
while allowing 8-foot vertical mullion  
spacing, according to the company.  
The product has been designed,  
tested and approved for Large Missile  
Impact in accordance to the Florida  
Building Code including the High Ve-  
locity Hurricane Zone, with initial de-  
sign pressures of +45/-50 psf.  
bond between the paint and glass en- tinel Balcony  
sures the paint and the color will last Breeze doors  
as long as the glass does, according to are a new op-  
the company, adding that the coatings t ion f rom  
are low in volatile organic compounds. the company.  
Available in  
both in-swing  
Viracon Introduces VRE-43 and out-swing  
c o n f i g u r a -  
tions, the door  
series offers  
an integrated,  
s i n g l e - hu n g  
unit within the  
panel. They  
One of the newest glass products feature a pat-  
storefronts, curtainwalls,  
from Viracon is VRE-43, which fea- ented three-point lock and a stainless window walls  
tures a 0.22 solar heat gain coeff cient steel package for security and safety. Stylmark Helps You  
transmission (VLT).  
SHGC) and 43 percent visible light The single-hung mechanism can be Patch Things Up  
located at either the top or bottom of  
VRE-43 can be combined with a the door,with aluminum or glass in the  
selection of other fabrication options. other half. The Sentinel Balcony Breeze  
It can be applied to a variety of tinted Door Series,which can be used for new  
substrates and on the same surface as construction or retrof t, f ts a 4.5-inch  
digital print or silkscreen.It can also be frame depth. Multiple f nish and glass  
laminated and insulated.  
options are available.  
Patch kit covers are now available  
from Stylmark to support the com-  
pany’s WallMaker interior storefront  
system. The product line expansion  
includes 2-, 4- and 6-inch anodized  
aluminum covers that f t on standard  
Fusion Collaboration  
-inch-tall patch kits.  
Designed to f t the major suppliers of  
patch kits for Herculite doors,the patch  
kit covers can be anodized to match the  
WallMaker system.  
YKK Gives This a Yes  
The Yes 60 family of storefront prod-  
ucts,including the FI,TU and XT mod-  
els, is now available from YKK AP, and  
accommodates tall and wide storefront  
openings, according to the company.  
All models feature a sill f ashing de-  
Duo-Gard Industries Inc. and 3form LLC are working together to provide turn-  
key systems and solutions for canopies, shelters, building facades and other  
exterior applications. A new line named Fusion integrates 3form translucent  
polycarbonate glazing panels with Duo-Gard’s engineered structural systems  
to create advanced aesthetic possibilities in 92 color options, three finishes  
and three thicknesses.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
sign without blind spans up to 12 feet and withstands  
seals, tall back leg pressure up to 90 PSF. It is certified to  
for enhanced water IBC and Florida product approval stan-  
resistance, and pat- dards,according to the company,which  
ent pending three- says the product is now qualified for  
point attachment Missile Level E speeds.  
of end dam. Sidelite yy➤  
curtainwall covers,  
pre-engineered cor- architectural metals  
ners and an alter- Linetec Now Brushes  
native anchoring system are optional Stainless  
design choices.Yes 60 models are com-  
A proprietary brushed stainless  
patible with the Yes 45 storefront, and color, now available from Linetec, can  
integrate with the ThermaShade Sun help enhance and protect architectural non-hazardous and produces no harm-  
Control system and Luminance Light aluminum products. According to the ful or dangerous by-product. The com-  
Shelf technology.  
company, it emulates a clean, bright pany uses electro-polishing technology  
In addition,YKK says its YHS 50 FS/ surface,for a similar look on aluminum to produce the highly reflective proper-  
FI storefront provides a structurally in a cost-effective, lightweight option. ties of stainless steel on aluminum, as  
sound exterior for hurricane-prone  
According to the company, the it has no hazardous discharge.  
market segments, integrating tested high-performance anodized finish has yy➤  
and approved hinging and locking an extremely long life span, has excep-  
hardware into its entries. The YHS 50 tional stability to ultraviolet rays, is Winco Opens Way to Safety  
Winco Windows has introduced its  
clean rooms  
forced-entry/bullet-resistant (F.E.B.R.)  
aluminum frame door for build-  
ings with high security needs such  
as police, government, financial, ed-  
ucational and retail. According to  
the company, the door is tested for  
forced entry and bullet resistance. It  
is DOS certified to meet 5- and 15-  
minute F.E.B.R. ratings; tested to SD-  
STD-01.01 Revision G (Amended):  
Certification Standard Forced Entry;  
and is AAMA rated for AW cycling and  
The new door is manufactured with  
a 7-inch-deep thermally broken, fixed  
aluminum frame with a 3-inch-deep  
door leaf. It comes with two ballis-  
tic reinforcement slots, flush or offset  
glazing stop, and customizable snap-  
on exterior/interior trim and panning.  
For bullet resistance, each door is rein-  
forced with multi-layer ballistic strips  
and either polycarbonate or glass-clad  
polycarbonate glazing, all tested up to  
level 8 (308 caliber) protection,accord-  
ing to the company.  
SBB Keeps it Clean  
SBB Inc., which  
specializes in modu-  
lar cleanrooms, pro-  
cess isolators and  
environmental control  
solutions, provides  
modular process isola-  
tors to glass fabricators.  
SBB’s process Isola-  
tors primarily regulate  
temperature, humidity  
and cleanliness, while  
their secondary focus  
includes task lighting,  
sound attenuation, air  
quality and make-up.  
According to the com-  
pany, the process iso-  
lators provide 30 to 40  
percent energy savings  
compared to similar companies by offering elements beginning with advanced  
HVAC designs and following through to standard LED lights, tightly sealed  
rooms and advanced controls capabilities. The company’s in-house controls  
expertise allows it to control the environment and equipment and has capa-  
bilities for automating downtime set-backs, providing automated alerts, con-  
necting to BMS and more, according to the company.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  
handling & transportation  
A Duo for Quattro(lifts)  
lifting head to a hook or a winch.  
The Glassboy Forklift 400 has been  
designed to easily attach to forklift  
tines,and comes with a remote control,  
allowing for horizontal tilting with an  
electric actuator.  
Heavy Lifting  
The EzRig Crane by EzRig is portable  
and compact and can lift up to 2,400  
pounds, up to 19 feet or lower loads up  
Quattrolifts has introduced its latest to 13 stories.  
machine, the Vector 800, and a new Its small footprint allows it to fit  
designed for optimum IGU durability  
through a standard 3-foot door or in a and warm-edge performance, with a  
2-mil corrugated stainless steel vapor  
barrier that the company says offers  
guaranteed adhesion with all insulat-  
ing glass sealants.  
This worldwide, patent-pending  
spacer system is constructed as a web  
WorldSpacer is a new stainless steel- of spacer material,and razor cut to pre-  
forklift, the Glassboy 400.  
The Vector 800 is designed to meet commercial elevator.  
the challenges of handling heavy loads. yy➤  
It can handle loads of more than 1,700  
pounds, reach heights of 4.3 meters, components  
operate in the horizontal and vertical Glasslam’s New  
planes, and with six large, 450-mm WorldSpacer  
profile wheels, it can handle most ter-  
rains. In addition to the large profile backed, flexible polyurethane spacer cise spacer sizes, from 5 to 50 mm.  
wheels, it has the ability to change the system from Glasslam. It’s specifically yy➤  
TGI on the Big Screen  
Technoform Glass Insula-  
tion (TGI) has developed a  
customized, warm-edge TGI-  
Spacer system for ScreenLine  
integrated blind systems by  
Intigral. The ScreenLine blind  
moves within a completely  
sealed environment without  
affecting the hermetic prop-  
erties of the insulating glass  
TGI’s portfolio of hybrid  
spacer systems incorporate  
a high-performance polymer  
and low-conductivity stain-  
less steel to maximize protec-  
tion against gas leakage and  
moisture penetration, and minimize heat transfer at the edge of glass. According to the company, thermal calculations  
show that by using TGI-Spacer in the ScreenLine system, U-Factor values are improved by 12 percent and interior sur-  
face temperatures increase by 14 degrees Fahrenheit over standard aluminum spacers.  
Also new from TGI is the TGI-Spacer M with Wire, made to improve the overall thermal and structural performance,  
reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of window systems for commercial, industrial and  
residential building applications. The optimized profile geometry and increased rigidity provides durability and easier  
handling during fabrication, according to the company.  
yy➤ n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2017  

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