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Volume 35, Number 4 April 2000


Decorative Glass

Laminated glass technologies now allow decorative glass to be combined with
breakthrough-, bullet-, bomb-blast and hurricane-resistant properties.

Special Architect’s Supplement:

Going Against the Grain

Architects are merging design elements and glass to create innovations in contemporary, commercial and residential projects.

Glass 101

Portions of the Specifiers Guide to Architectural Glass, published by the Primary Glass Manufacturers Council, are highlighted, including glass types and options available.

Fire-Rated Glazing

With all the recent changes in fire-rated glazing, architects and contract glaziers need to work together to find the best solution for each application.

Las Vegas Show Recap

Exhibitors at the recent NGA show unveiled a wide variety of product introductions. For a sampling of these products and attendee feedback, see page 44.


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The Farnady Files

Fenestration Focus

Glaziers Guild

The Business


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