Volume 37, Issue 6
June 2002


The Finishing Touch 
Learn different methods for how to clean and maintain fluoropolymer-coated surfaces.

Impact Resistance 
Many states are adopting impact-resistance standards, proving that the glass industry has to keep up on these standards all over the country—not just in Florida.

Road Rules
Andrew T. Gum of Thomas Glass offers some tips on how to work with subcontractors and how to "follow the right path" when writing a contract.

The Sky’s the Limit 
Two skylight manufacturers overcame a variety of challenges when they worked on two exciting skylight projects recently. 

Information Overflow
Numerous companies in the glass and glazing industry exhibited at the American Institute of Architects convention to educate architects about their products. Also included is a look at the Dupont Benedictus award winners, which were announced at the show.


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