Volume 43, Issue 5- 
May 2008


Super Model
3D modeling has been called the next generation of CAD. Is the glass industry ready? Steve Jones from McGraw-Hill talks about this new technology and how the industry can benefit.

Glass vs. Plastic
The popularity of skylights continues to grow—while the number of falls through skylights remains steady. Can an impact resistance standard change the troubling trend? 

Where Masonry, Glass and Water Meet
The result of rain flowing over a concrete surface and coming to rest on glass have long been a source of concern. Learn why, and an alternate solution to prevent these problems.

Experience Glass from a New Perspective
A new exhibit on glass at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry may have you looking at your glass work in a new light.



The Architects’ Guide to Glass: 
A special section of USGlass magazine. 

USG Features Exclusively Online

  • Turning Heads
    Information on the five big ways the glass industry is setting trends and catching architects’ eyes. 

ON THE COVER: At 510 feet tall, Exchange Place in the Financial District neighborhood of Boston is tied as the city’s 12th tallest building. The glass-clad skyscraper rises out of the historic Boston Stock Exchange, built in 1896.

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