Volume 46, Issue 10
November 2011


Speaking the GANA Language
The Glass Association of North America furthered its goal of creating educational resources for the glass industry during its recent Fall Conference.

From Darkness Comes Light
The dynamic glazing market is heating up as manufacturers find new partners and make new production capacity. But will this technology ever go mainstream?

The Top 10
We’ve got the top ten most talked-about products, trends and stories of GlassBuild 2011.

One of a Kind
J. Sussman Inc. specializes in the unique, and continues to challenge itself with new technology while doing the “same” work it has for 105 years.

The Double Whammy
Although U.S. bankruptcy code was formed with the intention of ensuring certain creditors didn’t get paid preferentially over others, glass industry creditors are finding the code may be misused today.


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The new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts features glass façade, engineered by Novum Structures LLC and installed by The Bratton Corp., that highlights views of Kansas City, Mo. Those views may be familiar to members of the Glass Association of North America, as the organization has held many meetings there. To learn more about GANA, turn to page 26.
Photo: © Tim Hursley, courtesy of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

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