Volume 47, Issue 2
February 2012


Retail Review
A brave USGlass reader submitted photos of his glass shop showroom for critique by our expert retail designers. Get the verdict here.

Fab Trends for 2012
Glass fabricators are preparing for demand for their products to grow in new directions.

Never Let Your Guard Down
All it takes is an instance of forgetting the proper protective equipment, and the unpredictable material that is glass can cause severe injury.

Chemical Imbalance
Uncertainty regarding rare earths element prices remains going into 2012.

GANA Expands Its Conference
The Glass Association of North America’s Annual Conference is fast approaching, and we’ve got insight about what the association offers.

A Preview of the 23rd China Glass
Get a look at what to expect at one of this year’s big events for global networking.

AAMA Evolves
USGlass looks at the association’s evolution over 75
years and its future goals.


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special section

Decorative Glass

A Lasting Impression
Decorative glass constructed with a printed interlayer was used to pay tribute to one community’s fallen heroes.

on the cover

Fabricators are planning inventory to meet demand for value-added glass in 2012. Turn to page 22
for more.

Photo: Schott

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