Volume 47, Issue 11
November 2012


Lighten Up
Take a look at some new products that could be just right for your next daylighting project.

USGlass Green Design Awards
Green is the new black—at least when it comes to architecture. Here’s a look at a project that’s sustainably in style.

The Path to Green
LEED is no longer the only way for a building to go green; the International Green Construction Code has construction professionals across the board wondering (or hoping) whether “green” will someday be a mandatory requirement.

Green Scene
Take a look and see what some exhibitors are featuring in San Francisco during Greenbuild 2012.

About Face
Replacing 45,000 white, Carrara marble panels with 5,000 glass lites isn’t an everyday feat. Tie in the fact that the glass also needed to offer the same aesthetic as the marble and things get even more complex. Can it be done? With the right team on board it can indeed.

While glass often is praised for its energy-efficiency features, it can also add a decorative aesthetic, style, purpose and meaning to many different types of projects.


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on the cover

The winner of the USGlass Green Design Award. Turn to page 34 for details. Photo courtesy of Bruce Damonte.

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