Volume 47, Issue 9
September 2012


Does Glass Wear Out?
Consumers know they have to replace their roofs and appliances at the end of those products’ natural life. So why is glass replaced when it has failed, rather than because it has successfully performed for the course of a natural lifespan?

The Next 100 Years
Two years into his role as president and CEO of AGC Glass Company North America, Marehisa Ishiko discusses where the glass industry—and his company—are headed and more.

Raising Awareness
Read about several key glazing issues that arose during the recent ASHRAE 90.1 meeting.

Products That Pay
Get ahead of the competition and find out the latest products to be displayed at this year’s show in Las Vegas. .

Glass Vegas
Looking for some interesting glass sites to see while you’re in Las Vegas this month? Turn to page 72 for some ideas.

Special Sections:
Architects' Guide to Glass Design With A Purpose
Glazing installed in a recent hospital project combines both fire-rated and impact performance.

Decorative Glass Retro Reflections

Interior design is undergoing a style throw-back as mirror makes its way to the top of the list.


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