Volume 48, Issue 8
August 2013


Best Companies to Work For
Think your company is the best place to work? Then take a look and see if it made the list of the best companies to work for in the glass and metal industry.

Critical Condition
Rebuilding Joplin, Mo.'s hospital with hardened windows – some of which can withstand winds as strong as 250 miles per hour – will help give residents added confidence and security.

First Responders
Glass shops are often on the frontlines helping people after a natural disaster turns glazing into tiny pebbles of broken tempered glass. But how do glass shops in some of the country’s most vulnerable areas protect their own wares? For many it’s all about the suppliers.

On The Safe Side
Experts agree, thanks to the latest in glass technology and developments, safe rooms don’t have to be windowless—options exist for tornado-rated windows.

The Breakdown
Dynamic glass comes in a variety of forms for a variety of applications. Which one is right for your next job? Find out in this special section and take a look at the latest products (page 50.)

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