Volume 48, Issue 12
December 2013


Blurred Lines
What we see out our windows today may in a few years’ time look more like what we see on the screens of our electronic devices today as glass technology continues to evolve.

Magnetic Attraction
Magnetic glass marker boards have become a hot item when it comes to interior applications. Thinking of adding these to your portfolio? Here is some best practices advice to get you started. h more high-performing glass options than ever before, manufacturers of metal shading devices may need to work harder than ever to get their products specified.

A Tribute to Greg Carney
A collection of stories, thoughts and remembrances of Greg Carney.

Energized and Educated
Get ready for the 2014 GANA Annual Conference, complete with energy discussions, technical meetings, networking and … pirates?

The Italian Job
Never been to Vitrum? Here’s the low-down on this year’s event, as told by several companies taking part in the show.

A Hidden Gem
The 2013 Glass Expo Midwest Show in Chicago educates and informs attendees about the latest products and hottest topics in commercial glazing.

Product of the Year
2013 was a year of many great new products. Did your favorite make the cut as one of the year’s top picks? Find out in our Annual Product of the Year Awards.

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