Volume 48, Issue 6
June 2013


Problem Prevention in One Simple Step
Maybe forming a design-build partnership isn’t as simple as it sounds on paper, but the glazing professionals who do it say this glazier-architect interface can simplify many of the most common jobsite problems.

The Green Mile
Take a look at some of the latest glazing products, many constructed with an eye toward sustainability, that will be featured at the AIA Show in Denver.

In Good Health?
With the Affordable Care Act taking effect January 1, 2014, many glass companies are struggling to understand just what the impact will be on them.

Narrow and Focused
Tempco Glass Fabrication cant be all things to all customers and it doesn't want to. This new start-up is setting out to fill a niche market need.

No Boundaries
Interior glass is being used even more frequently for more practical purposes in architecture, such as in health care facilities, or to bring the outdoors in and foster an increased sense of natural light in academia and hospitality facilities.

Lean on Me
When architects, installers and fabricators join forces collaboratively the resulting project can be a great success. Such was the case with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The Top 20 List
Members of the window film industry discuss facts they want you to know about window film.

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