Volume 49, Issue 5
May 2014


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Cracking the Code
Are hurricane-prone states really weakening their building codes? It depends on who you ask.

Three Years Later
Will lessons learned from the Joplin tornado change the way buildings are designed and constructed? The National Institute of Standards and Technology is calling for just that.

More Than Meets the Eye
Fire-rated glass products are unique and when it comes to installation require special care and handling.

Smooth Operators
Sliding wall systems are complex thus the architect/engineer, manufacturer and installer must work closely from start to finish to ensure that these large glass panels are installed correctly and work effortlessly.

Thumbs Up
Glass industry websites are becoming increasingly interactive. Take a look at some that could help you navigate the design of your next project.



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Learn more about installing and working with operable wall systems starting on page 48. Image courtesy of Panda Doors & Windows.

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