Volume 52, Issue 2 - February 2017


On the Up
Coming off of a successful 2016, contract glaziers are optimistic about the year ahead, as refl ected in the USGlass Glazier Outlook Index.
Dual Purpose
Buildings and their faades are becoming increasingly adaptive. Closed cavity faades offer an opportunity to embrace these increasing demands.
Learning Curves
Curved glass continues to develop and is increasing in popularity. But design and fabrication arent as simple as fl at glass. Learn how some experts overcome common challenges.
Leveling Out
By most accounts, multifamily construction has plateaued. Whats next? Heres a look at what to expect this year and whats on trend for the glazing industry

On the Cover
Glasshapes provided curved glass for the staircase balustrade installed in the Zorzi Builders headquarters. Turn to page 42 to read more about curved glass.

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