Volume 6, Issue 4, July - August 2002

Fifteen Minutes
Applicator Focus                                                                        

Tint-Off Champion Danny Sanders 
Discusses Life as a Film Applicator

Danny Sanders of Custom Sun Control in Atlanta has known a few challenges. A winner of several tint-offs and the first International Tint-Off, ™ which was held in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on April 20, in conjunction with the International Window Film Conference and Expo, ™ he’s used to success. Shortly after the event, Sanders took the time to tell Window Film magazine about some of his techniques, tips for success and other fun facts.

How long have you been applying window film?

I started tinting windows nearly ten years ago, back when I worked for a stereo/tint and accessories shop owned and operated by Brad DeVane, brother of my current boss, Harvey DeVane of Custom Sun Control. For the most part, that is where I learned all of the basics of tinting, especially heat forming, in which I was taught that you were nothing (in the industry) if you couldn’t do a back window in one piece. It wasn’t until I moved to Custom Sun Control that I began to hone my skills to a level of speed and quality that is beyond most installers’ reach.

Did you encounter any obstacles in the tint-off?

In regards to the tint-off, the only obstacle to me was cutting out around the defroster connections cleanly and correctly and applying the film with no trash in that area, especially because the solder joints on my rear window protruded past the orange colored border and on to the glass surface area. This is a common occurrence on many windows like this, so the only help will be based solely on the installers experience with this type of situation.

  Danny Sanders took first in the first International Tint-Off ™, during which he applied film to a 2002 Mazda 626.

How many cars have you tinted?

Over the years, I have tinted nearly every make and model of vehicle from 1980-up with the exception of some incredible restored cars dating back to the 1930s.

What is your favorite car to tint?

If I were to pick a favorite car to tint, I would classify this two ways, because easy is always good, but also, the harder a vehicle is to tint, the more self-gratifying the job is. So, on one hand, the 2000-up Celica is bar none the easiest and quickest to apply film to simply because there is no heat forming required on any window on the vehicle. The hardest, on the other hand, would be the new Beetle, in which every window needs extreme attention in the heating department. Not only is the one-piece installation nearly impossible, but the roll-down windows require incredible finesse to treat the whole pane of glass from edge to edge without light gaps or creases. And, believe me, it puts a smile on my face every time a customer drives his Beetle home with one of our stickers on it. 

Editor’s Note: This interview is the first segment of a new department, “Fifteen Minutes,” in which Window Film will feature a different applicator each issue. If you or someone you know would like to be featured, please e-mail pbeverage@glass.com.


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