Volume 6, Issue 3, May - June 2002


Dear Reader
Penny Beverage                                                                                   

                       Constructive Criticism

Recently I attended the first international tint-off, held in conjunction with the Third Annual International Window Film Conference and Expo™ (IWFE) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Both events gave me an opportunity to talk to many of you and hear your concerns, thoughts and tips. One thing I repeatedly heard was that dealers want to have more input into Window Film magazine—and they want to see more tips. In response to that request, we are beginning a department called “A Minute With ...”

Each month we will interview a different applicator on his favorite application tips. 

The first interview will feature none other than tint-off champion Danny Sanders and will run in the July-August 2002 issue. In addition, we’d like to begin a column called “Ask the Tint Doctor,” but currently are searching for a columnist. If any of you are interested in sharing your tips with others, please let me know. 

During the course of these days, I even was asked some questions. For example, Keven Rustad, who owns a shop called Window Guard in Cudjoe Key, Fla., inquired about a certain kind of glass-etching service he wants to add on to his business. (By the way, Keven, I’m still researching this for you.)

I also got to see a familiar face, Angel Santana from El Coqui in Fairfield, Calif., who was also a tint-off participant and an IWFE 2001 attendee. I learned a lot about add-on sales from him, which you will see in a feature later this year on how to diversify by adding such services as stereo systems, custom air brushing and alarm systems.

Erich Rusk from Absolute Tinting in Chico, Calif., watched the last heat of the tint-off with me and taught me a neat trick: wipe a window with a dryer sheet and it will cut down on some of the static. (Thanks, Erich. I know I’m not as window film-savvy as I’d always like to be, so it’s talking to you all that can help me in those areas.)

I also met Robert Edelstein of Trust the Best in Bellevue, Wash., who was not only was one of the top five tinters, but also is now one of our newest news sources. He clued me in to the story you’ll see on page 8 about a service bulletin that could affect you. 

In addition to the valuable knowledge I obtained in Fort Lauderdale, I also gained some important information from Mike Smith’s column, "IWFA Update", about an Internet message board on which he began posting recently. I was intrigued by his comments and went to the website.

There was an interesting thread on there about none other than your own Window Film magazine. However, the posters were not very kind. They seemed to think we are not “film-oriented” enough, and don’t pay them enough attention in our pages. So, I’m issuing you posters a challenge. We appreciate criticism, but only when it’s constructive.

So, if you’re reading let us know what you want to see. Here’s your chance to join Robert, Angel, Keven and Erich in offering me some advice on editorial content ideas, or feel free to send me your tips for applying film, so we can feature them. 

E-mail pbeverage@glass.com, fax 540/720-5687 or give me a call at 540/720-5584, ext. 114. I look forward to hearing from you. WF


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