Volume 6, Issue 3, May - June 2002

New Products and Services                                           

View Guard® Promotes Frame/Lok

Paul Poirier of View Guard demonstrates the Frame/Lok system.

View Guard Window Film Products of Canada offers its Frame/Lok security system, an anchoring system which it says can strengthen any frame or door. According to the company, the system has been tested for a uniform load test in accordance with the ASTM E-330 test method for structural performance of exterior windows, curtainwall and doors by uniform static air pressure difference. In addition, the company says the system is in accordance with the regulations of the General Service Administration.

Guardian Glass Tinting, which is based in Los Angeles, recently began offering the system to its customers and is finding the move profitable.

“The system absorbs the shock load pressure without being pulled apart,” said Bob Kerr, president of Guardian Glass Tinting. “The attachment enables us to properly and physically bond the film/glass combination to existing metal frame as one unit. When combined together, the elastic effect and physical bond of both units dramatically eliminates the likelihood of the filmed glass collapsing from sheer pressure.”

Worry-Free Window Films

Martinsville, Va.-based CPFilms Inc. has recently introduced Vista safety-control window film, designed for residential and commercial applications requiring extra protection form broken glass fragments.

Called Mirage, the new product is a soft, neutral film that is said to reflect 47 percent of solar heat that reaches the windows, and reduce glare by 58 percent. In addition, CPFilms says the film blocks 99.9 percent of ultraviolet light.

Mirage safety film is 6 mm thick, and is constructed of Mylar polyester and a unique bonding system designed to provide protection from broken glass. The company adds that the films offer long-lasting optical clarity without distortion or a yellow, cloudy or frosted shadow. They also have a patented scratch-resistant surface.

In addition, the company has debuted a new transparent coating that features low resistance, high visible-light transmission and improved etchability.

CPFILMS CPFilms' Vista safety-control film.

MACtac Unveils PERMASUN®
MACtac of Stowe, Ohio, has developed PERMASUN, which it says is designed for application to polycarbonate and PMMA, which are often used for verandas, conservatories and the roofs of public places. According to the company, the film has a metallic surface which reflects heat away. 


PERMASUN is made up of a soft film, metallized on the underside and coated with an acrylic-based, ultraviolet-stabilized and cohesive adhesive developed and manufactured by MACtac. When seen from below, MACtac says the PERMASUN film appears slightly blue. 
It is said to reject 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and 80 percent solar heat. In addition, it resists alcohol, water and detergents. 

Gila Introduces New Decorative Film
GILA DECORATIVE FILM Based in Canton, Ga., Gila Distributing has expanded its line of Illusions decorative window films with eight new designs. Of the available options are white bamboo, iced circles, executive blinds, sheer wave and etched rose. WF

MechoShade Develops DoubleShade System

DOUBLE SHADE MechoShade Systems Inc. of Long Island City, N.Y., has introduced a DoubleShade system to save energy, promote comfort and increase privacy. According to the company, the DoubleShades utilize MechShade’s ThermoVeil™ and EuroVeil™ shade cloths. The shades are available with motorized or manual operation and consist of two independent brackets mounted to a single back plate with both shades affixed. The system design thus allows for a blackout and solar shade to be recessed compactly within a window frame, pocket or soffit. Usually, the blackout shade faces outside and the solar shade faces inside, with each operating individually.

The solar shades allow natural light to filter through while providing solar and glare protection and an unobstructed view.


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