Volume 6, Issue 5, September - October 2002

From the Shop

Ed Golda                                                                                                     

House Calls

Well, hello again, my fellow tinters. Let’s talk about what is important to continue to grow your residential sales. First, establish a game plan. Where is your best marketing territory geographically? Where have you generated your most sales? 

Determine how you will get your customer’s attention. Will you use direct mail, or will you find a magazine or coupon pack to mail your message?

Always remember to consider the cost per home contacted. Of course, your own mailer will be the most expensive, but if it delivers it may be well worth it.

Dropping your own piece into mailboxes may be the least expensive, but remember that presentation is the most important aspect of direct mail. You are not selling a necessity, but an upscale product—so make sure your presentation communicates this. Do you want to work?

Homeowners’ associations for condo developments just might be the way for potential residential customers to get to know you and your product. Maybe an ad in their newsletter or a discounted price for some of the board members to see the product on some common windows such as the clubhouse might help. However, always remember not to do anything unless you have a clear understanding of what will happen next.

Here are some rules to follow:

    •Always be on time to your appointments. 

    •If your going to be late, call.

    •Offer good, better and best solutions to their problems.

    •Be an investigator and ask this question: what is the most important reason for which the potential customer has invited you in?

    •Don’t oversell and solve the customer’s problem, write the order and secure it, and then tell the customer about film’s other benefits.

    •Get a deposit. It prevents your customers from having buyers’ remorse or seeing a competitor’s ad and getting another quote. A 33- to 50-percent deposit is a good start.

    •Send a thank-you after the job to reinforce your commitment to the customer.

    •Call after 30 days to make sure everything is fine. Are there any windows to do? Or, of course, is there anyone they know that also may benefit from the installation of your product?

    •Lastly, whatever you do, track it to discover the marketing methods that bring you the most leads. How many do you convert to sales and what is the average amount of the sale? 

    •Be professional, dress for success, ask for the order and have some fun.

Good luck and until next time … happy selling. 


Edward Golda is president of Michigan Glass Coatings Inc. in Rochester Hills, Mich.



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