Volume 6, Issue 5, September - October 2002


Let's Go to Vegas!
SEMA Show Heads to Sleepless City
by Penny Beverage

Las Vegas booms all year with conventions rolling into and out of town, in addition to all its tourists, but this November it will once again welcome some of its oldest friends—the aftermarket automotive industry. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) will once again bring its annual automotive aftermarket show, the SEMA show, to the Las Vegas Convention Center November 2-8. Along with all the other companies that will be on hand to show off their newest aftermarket automotive products, several window film companies will be available to show you the latest in their automotive film selections.

SEMA Commonwealth Laminating also exhibited at last year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Approximately 82,000 attendees are expected this year.

The show will run 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday, and then 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Fourteen-hundred exhibitors will be on hand in 7,000 booths and 82,000 attendees are expected.

The following is a small sampling of some of the products that may be of interest to the film industry.

Bekaert Expands Solar Gard® Line
SEMA1 Bekaert’s Nick Routh assists a SEMA 2001 attendee.

Bekaert Specialty Films LLC of Clearwater, Fla., will promote its high-performance true-grey, one of the latest additions to its Solar Gard automotive film line. The film is available in five non-reflective shades. 

According to the company, it boasts many benefits, including high-performance capabilities, ease of application and an enduring appearance that complements most factory-tinted glass.

Commonwealth Laminating Expands SunTek™ Window Films
Commonwealth Laminating and Coating Inc. of Martinsville, Va., has recently introduced the InfinityOP™ series of auto films, an all-metal film with high optical clarity, neutral color, low visual reflectance, fast drying time and a lifetime warranty. The company also has a line of residential films.

CPFilms Goes Off-Road
Martinsville, Va.-based CPFilms Inc. has designed a new line of window films to meet the specific needs of sports utility vehicles, Llumar® SUV Shield.™ According to the company, it is effective on both factory-tinted and clear glass in helping to hold shattered glass together and is designed specifically for equipping the large backlites of off-road vehicles. 

The film is available in two constructions, SUV 38 ST and SUV 50 ST. SUV 38 transmits 38 percent of visible light and rejects 48 percent of total solar energy, while SUV 50 transmits 53 percent of visible light and rejects 40 percent of total solar energy, according to CPFilms. 

FTI Exhibits Endurance EX
Film Technologies International Inc. (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., has added Endurance EX to its family of window films. Endurance EX is a new all-metal reflective film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The film is available in visible-light transmissions of 20 and 35, according to the company. 

Information provided by FTI says it manufactured Endurance EX at the request of dealers throughout the country who were looking for a more contemporary, chrome-colored film. The film provides 99 percent protection from ultraviolet radiation and provides up to 66 percent heat rejection, according to the company. All Endurance EX window films have a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, cracking, change of color, demetallization and adhesive failure.

Intermax Heads to Vegas
Protect® Gard Corp. (also known as Intermax) of Miami will exhibit several new decorative and designer films and will promote its new sputtered high-performance films. According to the company, its automotive film heat-shrinks well, is easy to work with, is clean and optically clear, provides resistance to ultraviolet light and resists scratching.

Marklyn Introduces Moonraker Film
Canada-based Marklyn Co. Inc. will display its MoonRaker Professional Film, which it says has been tried and tested under a vast number of extreme conditions. According to the company, the film was developed to provide a large amount of slip, using heavy amounts of adhesive. 

In addition, the company says this reduces the amount of scratching the glass endures. Moonraker film also comes in a variety of deep, dark colors, including deep ebony black, black alloy, black stainless metallized, polished sterling, charcoal fader and 2-tones in red, blue, green and gold.

JAX Develops One-Way Imaging
JAX Inc. of Malibu, Calif., will offer its X-TEX™ one-way imaging technology. The film, applicable for cars and trucks, offers customized designs without compromising interior vision. According to the company, its patented layered film presents a crisp pattern or logo—based on the customer’s choice—from the outside with no interrupted view from the inside. 

Penny Beverage is the editor of Window Film magazine.


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