Volume 7, Issue 1, January - February 2003

What Lies Ahead
Madico Predicts Strong Year for the Window Film Industry

As Woburn, Mass.-based Madico Inc. prepared to enter 2003, its 100th year in business, marketing manager Tom Niziolek predicted what film manufacturers can expect to see in the coming year. Window Film magazine caught up with Niziolek and asked him about his predictions for the future.

What kind of product demand are you foreseeing for 2003?

We anticipate the industry, as a whole, will grow next year. We, as a company, foresee growth—slow at the beginning of the tint season and accelerating toward the end. The automotive segment will stabilize to some extent with the real growth coming from flat glass and safety/security.

What kind of product usage expectations do you foresee?

There will be some consolidation among the dealer base. There will also be some diversification as automotive tinters extend into the flat glass segment. Flat glass dealers and installers will diversify more into safety/security.

What are the growth areas you foresee for next year?

Safety/security will be the driving force for growth next year. The safety/security retrofit activities that governments around the world have undertaken will stimulate commercial business as well.

What are you telling your customers to plan for?

Our customers should plan for our continued focus on leading the safety/security segment, stronger support for flat glass and consistency in the automotive segment.

What capacity are you running at?

We will continue to use significant amounts of our manufacturing capacity.

(left to right) Madico marketing director Tom Niziolek, chief executive officer Bob Connelly and window film product manager Paul  Panarisi pose for a photo aboard the “S.S. Madico” at the 2002 International Window Film Conference and ExpoTM  in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. What kind of concerns do you have for your product in 2003?

The concerns we have for our products are really industry-wide issues. The industry needs to focus on providing whole solutions to the safety/security segment, not just selling safety film.

What are some product trends you see?

Our studies indicate that there will more and more clear paint protective films used for vehicles; new developments in flat glass; and growth of safety/security solutions involving both film and attachment systems. The use of products that combine solar control and safety will grow in popularity.

What should the industry look to see coming out from your company?

The industry can look forward to Madico introducing new products; launching exciting, new marketing initiatives and remaining steadfast in our commitment to total solution selling especially in safety/security—all that and much more from a company that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2003!


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