Volume 7, Issue 1, January - February 2003

    The Latest Industry News

SCE Adds Window Film Energy Program
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Energy Star program recently recognized David Ford, a Business Solutions account executive for Southern California Edison (SCE), for developing and implementing an innovative way to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations save energy and money. Ford worked with the International Window Film Association (IWFA) to enstate a program that would pay $1.80 per square foot of window film applied on commercial buildings in the Palm Springs, Calif., area.

“Since March 2001, David has been working with the economic and business development corporations of Ontario, Riverside, Tulare and the Coachella Valley to train groups of ‘energy auditors’ to conduct energy surveys,” said Dennis Munoz, SCE Business Solutions supervisor.

Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA, said Ford has been a friend to the industry for some time and is glad he has been recognized for his efforts.

“Dave Ford of Southern California Edison has been a big proponent of window film for energy conservation in California for several years now,” Smith said. “In fact, he says window film has the best consumer response of all programs offered by SCE.”

New Jersey Senator Introduces Stringent Film Law
A senator in Gloucester, N.J., has proposed that the state impose strict fines for film dealers that violate the state’s legal limits for visible light transmission. Sen. John Matheussen is sponsoring the bill, which would require retailers to warn customers that the state does not allow tinting of a vehicle’s windshield or front windows.

“This bill would let customers go after the retailer for fraud,” Matheussen said. “This bill would see to it that before a consumer spends hundreds of dollars tinting his windows, that he knows what those restrictions are.”

Under Matheussen’s bill, shops would have to provide a signed statement from the customer that he was told of the state’s rules.

However, shops in the state are against the bill and say some customers would still want illegal tints—even if a sign were posted stating that a car with illegal tinting wouldn’t pass 

“It’s a crazy thing,” said Ed Hess of Auto Dogz in Audubon, N.J. “Our customers sign off on something that says ‘Window tint on front doors will not pass DMV inspections.’”

Hess said that he would like the state to allow front window tinting, but with a limit on the degree of darkness.

Auto Film Use Rises in Africa
Residents of Lagos, Africa, recently have seen a surge in the use of vehicles with tinted glass—and along with this has come a rise in crimes, particularly armed robberies, according to a November 26 article on Africa Global Media. Police in the area suspect the dark film helps the robbers evade suspicion and elude arrest, and residents expect auto film to be banned—or at least restricted—soon.

Spectra Applies Film To Delta Lodge in Canada
Spectra Light Films in Calgary, Alberta, recently applied film to the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis, Alberta, where the G8 Summit was held in June. 

Applicator John Hiebert applied CPFilms's VISTA V38 to approximately 600 square feet of glass. With 24 windows in all, the application took approximately ten hours. Among the visitors to the G8 Summit was President George W. Bush.

Protecting People First Goes to London
Clearwater, Fla.-based Bekaert Specialty Films recently teamed up with the Protecting People First Foundation and GE Reassurance Corp. to complete the foundation's first international project in London. Aren Almon-Kok, the foundation's spokesperson, traveled to England for the 

"I'm pleased to travel to England to help provide protection to children in a country whose citizens were so helpful to me in such a difficult time," she said. London-based Simart applied approximately 2,500 square feet of 4-mil Armorgard film in two days at three childcare centers.
The foundation hopes to complete another international project in 2003. 


Simon Bartlett of Bekaert, Aren Almon-Kok, Nick Sanders of Bekaert and Dean Davison of GE ERC.



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