Volume 7, Issue 1, January - February 2003

New Products and Services

Madico Offers An Array of Attachment Systems
Woburn, Mass.-based Madico Inc. has created the SafetyShield™ safety and security systems, which consist of a Madico SafetyShield window film working in concert with one of four restraint systems (WetGlaze, LifeLine,™ GullWing™ and FrameGuard™). 

The SafetyShield WetGlaze system utilizes Dow Corning 995 structural silicone to create a bond that connects the filmed glass to the existing window frame. During a natural or manmade disaster, the WetGlaze system is designed to maintain the structure of the shattered glass while the Dow Corning 995 reduces the shearing effect along the edges of the window frame, according to the company. The system can be specified for use in blast mitigation, hurricane protection and anti-intrusion applications.

LIFELINE Madico’s SafetyShield LifeLine system employs synthetic cords that span the width of the filmed window. The system is designed to arrest the inward travel of the filmed glass after it has sheared at the edges during the positive phase of a blast. The cords used in this system are designed to elongate or stretch in order to absorb this energy until the negative phase pulls the shattered glass from the structure, therefore reducing the risk of injury to the occupants of the building, according to the company. The SafetyShield LifeLine system is primarily specified for use in blast-mitigation applications.

The GullWing system is designed to maintain the structure of the fragmented glass with the application of film and then to stabilize the glass within the window frame during the event by attaching the filmed glass to the window frame with a reinforced polymer extrusion bonded to the frame and film with either a multi-surface tape or structural silicone, according to the company.

FRAMEGARD Finally, Madico’s FrameGuard system is designed so that during installation, the film is wrapped behind the FrameGard, which is then attached to the window frame with screws. In addition, the company says the system utilizes a rubber gasket attached to the FrameGard, decreasing the shearing effect along the perimeter of the window.

Hanita Develops Advanced Protection Cable System
Israel-based Hanita Coatings has developed an advanced protection cable system. According to the company, the system consists of an energy-absorbing cable mechanism, combined with Hanita Coatings’ Safety Zone security film.

CABLE SYSTEM The cable system is fastened to the building’s structure, directly to the concrete/steel beams of the windows’ construction, ensuring that the walls remain stable, even when the windows are blown inward. The energy-absorbing mechanism absorbs the blast wave hitting the cable when the window is blown in, while the Safety Zone security film prevents the glass fragments from dispersing inside the building.

The cable system can be retrofitted on any existing building, with minimal structural intervention.

Bekaert Offers Blastight™
Bekaert Specialty Films of Clearwater, Fla., offers the Blastight window film attachment system. BEKAERT According to the company, the system is available in two designs: a mechanical fastener or structural silicone; the former is available as a one-, two- or four-sided attachment, and the latter is available only as a four-sided attachment. Bekaert says both meet the design requirements set up by the General Services Administration for protective glazing and have been tested in conjunction with its own film. The Blastight attachment system has been installed in a number of high-profile facilities, including the headquarters of the Department of Energy, FBI and the National Imagery and Mapping Administration.

Olfa Introduces the UTC-1
OLFA OLFA-North America of Terre Haute, Ind., has introduced the UTC-1 Auto-Lock Retractable Utility Knife. According to the company, the knife features a five-position retractable blade, a universal handle for right- and left-hand use, a heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel, a HandSaver® cushion grip handle and a secure blade design to prevent rattling and ensure safety. In addition, the knife’s blade can be replaced easily with no additional tools.

CPFilms Introduces Glass Enhancement Films
CPFilms Inc. of Martinsville, Va., has introduced a new line of 18 glass-enhancement films, which serve as an alternative to etched glass. According to the company, the line is offered in a wide range of colors, patterns, designs and textures, including basic graphic-arts colors, frosted white, opaque, square and striped designs.

CPFilms these designs previously could have only been made by acid-etching. The film can be used on metal, painted or other flat and cylindrical surfaces, and is manufactured from high-tensile-strength polyester, vinyl and other substrates.

Rad-Cure Introduces Rad-Kote 553SM
The Rad-Cure Corp., which is based in Fairfield, N.J., has introduced Rad-Kote 553SM UV-curable, screen matte coating, available for decorating glass with a simulated etch or frost appearance. 

The company recommends the coating for use in applications such as glass mirrors and shower panels, and says it eliminates the conventional multi-step and hazardous etching process by rapidly curing to a textured matte coating with a clean and bright appearance. In addition, the coating has high resistance to chipping, scratching and yellowing.


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