Volume 7, Issue 4, July-August 2003

New Products and Services

Blade Disposal Simplified and Safety-fied by OLFA
DC-3 blade disposal OLFA of Terre Haute, Ind., has introduced the new DC-3 blade disposal can, which, as its name suggests, allows users to dispose of used blade segments easily. According to OLFA, while the DC-1 was burdened with an awkward shape, and the DC-2 could be opened accidentally, resulting in exposed blade segments, the DC-3 corrects these problems. OLFA says that its new product is perfect for disposing used blade segments in the house, office, worksite and bedroom because it includes several innovative features, including a plastic “tambour door” that slides open and closed easily, securely covering the blade slot. It also has a compact size and shape that allows the can to fit into a toolbox or pocket easily. The DC-3 blade disposal can accommodate 50 used standard-duty blades or 650 standard-duty blade segments, 10 heavy-duty blades or 80 heavy-duty blade segments, or 30 OLFA RSKB-2 rounded tip dual-edged blades.

NWI Introduces New Squeegees

Denver-based NWI Manufacturing has introduced two new squeegee tools, the Bigfoot and the Little Foot, intended to aid professional window film applicators with their work on vehicles, clear bras and flat glass. The Bigfoot is a 15-inch-long device designed to reach rear windows and places where, according to the company, conventional tools are unable to perform without scratching film or taking inordinate amounts of time. Described by the company as a natural evolution of the Bigfoot, the Little Foot functions as a hard card, squeegee, shrinking tool and clear bra applicator, and is available in three different durometers (hardnesses).

Competitive Products
SPD-Smart™ Glass Shows Its Versatility
South Korea-based SPD Inc. has illuminated the marketplace with its new product, SPD-Smart™ glass. According to the company, when a window or sunroof employs this glass, the user can manually or automatically adjust, or ‘tune’, the amount of light, glare and heat coming into a home, office or vehicle. The manufacturer claims that because of the unique performance and aesthetics to be combined with a variety of glass and plastic materials, glass that utilizes suspended particle device (SPD) technology provides designers and architects with a myriad of new architectural glass applications.

SPD offers as an example an office building in Singapore that installed SPD doors and windows as part of its reception and conference room facilities. The panels were installed in movable windows and doors that can be darkened or lightened with the flip of a switch.

Shane Lee of Singapore-based Nansin (1964) Pte Ltd, the company that installed the SPD glass for the project, noted that the glass is an established part of its product line. 

“We like using SPD-Smart glass for exterior glass applications because of the energy savings and to give the occupants precise control over the amount of light being transmitted through the windows. For our interior applications, we use SPD glass not only to achieve privacy for selected areas, but also to enhance the corporate image of our clients.”

According to SPD, its SPD-Smart glass also offers unique functionality and design aesthetics in residential settings. For example, more than 200 square feet of SPD-Smart glass panels were used at a home in Greece to enclose an outdoor swimming pool. The company says that its laminated glass panels provide light, glare-control and privacy, as well as impact-resistance, ultraviolet radiation blockage and noise attenuation.

Voula Stefopoulou of Greece-based Technoplan S.A., the company that worked with the homeowner on this installation, noted, “One reason the owner is so pleased with this installation is for the selective privacy that SPD glass offers. This pool borders a public park and the enclosure preserves the magnificent views surrounding this residence, but also allows privacy when the owner and their guests are by the pool.”

In other SPD news, Air Products and Chemicals of Allentown, Penn., has been granted a worldwide non-exclusive license to manufacture SPD emulsions and SPD light-controlling film. The agreement specifies that Air Products will sell these SPD emulsions and light-controlling film to authorized licensees for use in various SPD-Smart products.

Protect-A-Window Offers Window and Vehicle Protection
Protect-A-Window has introduced the PAW 55, a liquid-applied, water-based protective window coating. According to the company, the strippable PAW 55 enables cement-based materials, plaster and paint to be removed from glass without damaging the surface. It simply peels off and can be rolled into a little ball, leaving no bake-on or residue. The products durability keeps it from not washing off in rain or falling off in wind. The company also says its PAW 55 is environmentally- and biodegradable-friendly.

Protect-A-Window also offers the AP 60, a temporary protective coating for vehicles. According to the company, the versatile AP 60 can be used as a short-term solution for protecting a car’s paintwork against stone chips and insects when driving on the highway, or to keep salty air and dust while on ships and wharves. The water-based product can be reapplied as required and leaves no residue or damage to the vehicle when peeled off.

New Window Shades from CPFilms
CPFilms of Martinsville, Va., has introduced the new Halcyon window shade, designed to avoid glare and harmful ultraviolet rays, conserve energy, maintain daytime privacy and protect furnishings.

Ralph Sink, vice president of strategic business and organizational development for the company, points to the trend toward more windows in office buildings, restaurants, homes and commercial facilities and says that transparent Halcyon shades offer the flexibility to create an open environment, regardless of the solar impact. He notes that proprietary inhibitors incorporated into the Halcyon shade components can reject up to 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet radiation.

According to CPFilms, its new window shades can reject up to 80 percent of unwanted heat gain in the summer and maintain stable, reasonable temperatures year-round, reducing energy and air conditioning costs. In addition, the Halcyon shades reduce 99 percent of the sun’s glare and provide flexible daytime privacy.

Halcyon shades are available in a variety of reflectivity levels, depending on performance requirements. The initial product offering features 23 color combinations available in traditional solids or embossed patterns. Five basic colors—gray, bronze, blue, green and black—are available, along with a variety of color combinations such as gray/silver.



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