Volume 7, Issue 2, March - April 2003

    New Products and Services

FTI Advances PGS
St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Film Technologies International has introduced an upgraded version of its software program, PGS version 2.1. This proposal-generating system allows installers to use a complete professional managing tool to help with bids, pricing, accounting and exact measurements needed with film installations. This software also prints the correct film logo along with the matching warranty for the film used per job/bid.

Southwall Technologies Unveils ARC2 Film
Palo Alto, Calif.-based Southwall Technologies Inc. has announced that its high-performance, sputter-coated, thin film, ARC2, is now available for use with LCD displays and computer monitors. The film was used on the Compaq 1000 Tablet PC’s LCD display to reduce unwanted reflected light. The company says it also provides a smooth, strong writing surface in conjunction with Berlin, Germany-based Berlin Glas’s etched glass.

According to Jorg Bannicke, vice president of Berliner Glas, the film was a perfect fit for the project.

“The Southwall anti-reflective film allows us to achieve the critical optical and mechanical performance demands for the Compaq Tablet PC display glass,” Bannicke said. “Laminating the Southwall Technologies film to our glass easily integrates into our manufacturing process.”

CPFilms Unveils SpectraSelect 75

Martinsville, Va.-based CPFilms Inc. has introduced Vista SpectraSelect 75, a specialty solar control film designed to allow sunlight to shine brightly through glass, illuminating interiors for consumers and providing high visibility while resisting heat transmission and blocking ultraviolet light. According to the company, the nearly invisible film is a laminate of polyester and metallized coatings. The film is constructed with an exclusive, clear, low-distortion adhesive system and a special scratch-resistant face coating. 

New PPG Extrusion Coating Offers Exceptional Performance
PPG Industries of Pittsburgh has announced the introduction of Acrynar® FX coating, a new extrusion coating for aluminum substrates. Acrynar FX coatings provide exceptional mar resistance and weatherability, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, according to the company. 

Acrynar FX coating is an ultra durable PVDF fluoropolymer extrusion coating. The two-coat system consists of a primer and color coat and is designed specifically to meet the needs of high-traffic areas such as storefronts, schools, hospitals and high-rise condominiums. 

This extrusion coating is available in a wide range of solid colors, including micas. Film hardnesses of H-2H can be achieved, and both low- and medium-gloss is available. 

Griffin Advances Hozelock Sprayer
Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies of Harleysville, Pa., now offers its updated Hozelock Griffin before sprayers. The sprayers are equipped with "O" rings in the shuttle assembly that have been converted to viton seals for higher chemical resistance than the original sprayer. In addition, the shoulder on the nozzle and "O" ring has been increased to eliminate discharge from the back of the nozzle and the dip tube has been shortened to fit flush with the base of the container. The company says it also modified the cover and locking mechanism to improve lock-on facility at Griffin after all pressures and shortened the plunger rod to avoid possible contact with the non-return valve.





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