Volume 7, Issue 2, March - April 2003

Dear WFM:
    Reader Feedback

Dear Window Film,
Thanks for the write-up (see November/December 2002 Window Film, page 10). 
There's just one clarification I'd like to make. I was flattered toseem to own numerous homes, but the reality is I travel about 15 weeks a year and do stay in homes, some of them quite nice, but none of them are mine. Also, the boat in the photo belongs to my brother. it was taken after a forty-five hour crossing from Panama to Colombia in April of 2001. My boats are in Seattle and Austin. 

Thanks again.
Robert Edelstein
Trust the Best
Bellevue, Wash. 

Greetings from Egypt 
Dear Window Film,
On the first anniversary of September 11ís tragic events, I would like to convey our sympathy and encouragement to the American people. I pray to God that they may keep up this fighting spirit against the enemies of humanity, freedom and democracy. As you may know, Egypt has suffered from terrorism for many years, and we have witnessed these feelings of insecurity, instability and a threat to innocent lives.

I am positive that the free people will win this war against the forces of evil and darkness, as we all are longing for a better world.
Walid Bishara
Armashield Egypt


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