Volume 7, Issue 2, March - April 2003

And the Winner Is …
    International Window Film Association Announces Photo Contest Award Winners
by Penny Beverage

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) announced its 2002 photo contest award winners on January 24 during the International Window Film Conference and Expo™, held in San Antonio January 23-25. After sorting through 119 entries from 36 companies, the IWFA awarded first place in its annual photo contest to Jeff Franson of Window Experts, which is based in Atlanta. His photo was called “Installation in Progress,” and depicted a film applicator on a ladder against the window of the “Phoenix Building” with the Atlanta skyline in the background. Second place went to Mike Overson of Hawthorne, Calif.-based JAX Inc., for his photo of an image on his company’s X-TEX™ film applied at Rome International Airport. Finally, third place went to Lawrence Streidel, owner of Interior Guardz in Rockville, Md., for his photo of a Maryland police car with a caption that read, “Maryland law – 35 percent, Sheriff’s Department – 5 percent.”

Prizes were $300 for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third.

Following are the photos, along with some tidbits into what went into the photography behind the scenes.


(At left) The first-place photo, “Installation in Progress,” was taken by Jeff Franson of Window Experts in Marietta, Ga.  Franson took the photo of film applicator Nick Baker was taken at the Phoenix Building in Atlanta during the company’s application of more than 2,000 square feet of film. Window Experts applied 3M’s Night Vision film to the building’s penthouse suites.





Second Place (Right) The second-place photo, “The Da Vinci,” was taken by Mike Overson, president of Hawthorne, Calif.-based JAX Inc. The photo was taken at Rome International Airport following an installation of the company’s own X-TEXTM one-way imaging film.



Third Place  






(At left) The third-place photo, “Maryland law - 35 percent, Sheriff’s Department - 5 percent,” was taken by Lawrence Streidel of Interior Guardz in Rockville, Md.
“I thought it represented the window film industry and how it helps the police department,” Streidel said.


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