Volume 7, Issue 3, May-June 2003

Dear Reader 
    Penny Beverage

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Bob Dylan is one of my favorite artists, and when he wrote this song in 1964, he probably had no idea how often it would be quoted throughout the next 40 years and probably will be even into the future. Well, the times, they are a-changin’, even here at Window Film magazine.

In this issue, you’ll notice something different. Our new writer, assistant editor Kristine Tunney, provides an in-depth look at decorative film on page 16. I hope you’ll enjoy this feature—I know I did—and will take from it some new knowledge about how you can market decorative film in your business.

In addition, I hope you’ll get used to seeing Kristine’s name more often, as with the next issue she will be taking over the reins as editor of Window Film magazine. I’m moving on to edit some other publications here at Key Communications Inc., including editing SHELTER and AGRR magazines. 

At times like these I feel a little sentimental, remembering when I first joined you nearly three years ago, and knew so little about the industry. With your help—not to mention that of my publisher, Deb Levy, and predecessor Les Shaver—I’ve learned so much over these years that hopefully I can pass some of this knowledge on to Kristine. I am sure, too, that you will help her as much as you’ve helped me. 

I’ll still be around and writing for Window Film, but Kristine will be taking over my duties of ferreting out features, working with our much-appreciated columnists and planning the editorial calendar for future issues. If you all have any words of wisdom for Kristine, or want to volunteer to be one of her first writers, please contact her by e-mail at ktunney@glass.com or by phone at 540/720-5584, ext. 124. I know she is looking forward to hearing from you. And, of course, I hope you’ll keep in touch with me also.

Along with this new staff change comes big plans for the future of Window Film. We are planning to re-design the magazine with our January-February 2004 issue. You’ll still see the same late-breaking news in our pages, but hopefully in a more vibrant fashion. 

As this is all coming in the future, let’s get back to the present for a minute with what’s in this issue. In this issue of Window Film you’ll find a look at a historic restoration project completed with the combined work of Sunbelt Distribution and Sun-Lite Solutions at the Houston Federal Courthouse. The project spotlight, found on page 22, provides an inside look at this project.

On page 24, you’ll find our first-ever web guide, a listing of websites of manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Keep this guide on hand to meet your web-browsing needs.

Hopefully all of this will prove helpful to you in your businesses, and, again, please let Kristine or me know what we can do for you. We both look forward to hearing from you in the coming months. 


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