Volume 7, Issue 6, November-December 2003

15 Minutes 
    Installer Focus

The (Second) Best Tinter in the World

He just may be the next George W. Bush, but for now, Eric Lucio is enjoying his time applying window film for Mothers Window Tint in Austin, Texas. The 28-year-old film applicator has been in the industry for nine years, and has big plans for the future, following his victory last year as second-place winner in the International Tint-Off™. Lucio was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to Window Film magazine about his plans for the future, including his hopes of entering the Texas politics scene in a few years.

How did you get started in the business?
I had a friend who worked at Mothers Window Tint, so I applied to work there and they taught me to tint.

What do you like about applying film?
It’s an easy job for me, so I enjoy applying it.

On the Fly

Hobbies? Sports and reading books.
Favorite food? Chinese.
Last Meal of Choice? Porterhouse steak.
Favorite movie? “Pink Floyd: The Wall.”
Favorite pastime? Football.
Favorite artist/band? The Doors.
Favorite magazine? ESPN.
Favorite classic car? ‘68 Volkswagen Van.
Top three favorite cars? Hummer, Tahoe and Ford Focus.
One-Word Description of Yourself? Humble.
Favorite Phrase? “What’s happenin'?

What is your favorite car to tint? 

How many cars do you do a day?
15-30 cars.

Do you find the weather—especially in the Austin area—is good for providing you with lots of work hours you might not see in a colder climate?
Yes. The warm weather helps the tint to dry faster.

Are you a native of Austin?
This is my third year in Austin. I lived in San Antonio before.

What do you think the biggest obstacle is for a growing tint shop?
There are a lot of small tint shops around Austin and they are lowering their prices, which creates competition [at reduced income levels].

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself getting into Texas politics. I see a lot of the working class—teachers, police officers and firefighters—being overlooked by Texas politicians. Many people need to be taken care of and I want to help them.

Have you been in any other tint-offs besides last year’s International Tint-Off?
No, the International Tint-Off was my first one.

What are your tips for other tinters?
My tip for other tinters is to put a little pride behind their work. A lot of tinters put money ahead of customers and that makes the work not as important. Tinters should appreciate their work and let it come out as good as it can. 


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