Volume 7, Issue 5, September-October 2003

Big On Talent, Little On Time
Ener-Gard Hosts Canadian National Tint-Off

Countdown to the International Window Film Tint-Off™ March 5-6, 2004

More than 75 film applicators gathered at various locations across Canada to participate in the first Llumar Canadian Tint-Off, an event that consisted of six regional competitions that all led up to competition’s national final. 
More than 75 tinters from across Canada participated in the national competition. More than 75 tinters from across Canada participated in the national competition.

The contests were held in connection with a series of road shows organized by Ener-Gard Energy Products Inc. of Burlington, Ontario, to introduce LlumaStar, the color-stable construction for AT-Charcoal and ATR-Charcoal films, to the Canadian market. The Edmonton regional tint-off was organized by SuperTint, one of the company’s sub-distributors. 

Regional heats were held in Quebec City, Laval/Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and London, Ontario. The first-place winner from each region was sent on to compete in the championship, which took place April 26, 2003.

“Canada is geographically large and very diverse, in terms of different areas across the country. While different film manufacturers and distributors have held tint competition events in the past, they have effectively not been open to everyone, because of the travel that would be required to attend,” said competition organizer Jack Mundy, president and owner of Ener-Gard. “Using the International Window Film Conference and Expo’s (IWFE) tint-off structure, we decided to embark on a tint-off that would truly be national and Canadian. In the first year of this event, there were more than 75 participants, and based on the interest, we should see this number at least double in 2004.”
Preliminary contestants were given 20 minutes to apply film to sidelites.
The rules for the competition were modeled after those used at the most recent IWFE tint-off, which allowed 20 minutes for two roll-down sidelites during the preliminaries and 30 minutes to apply film to the backlite during the final competition.

Installation techniques varied considerably, with one competitor even using vinyl striping to mask out the backlite’s application area. 

“During the preliminaries we were rushed,” said second-place national finisher and 15-year industry veteran Roger Berent of Trim Line of Lethbridge in Edmonton. “We didn’t have any time to spare, but I think that was good. It proved that the job could be done in 20 minutes. During the finals, the 30 minutes for the back window was fine. Toward the end, I had time to make sure everything was clean and done to my satisfaction.”

First-time tint-off contestant and second-place finisher Masud Zubery of The Detailing Shop in Toronto claimed to have no problem with the time allotted for the sidelites, saying, “When I finished, I looked around and nobody else had finished, so I had time to go back and check my own work and make sure it was complete.”

Ener-Gard president Jack Mundy congratulates national champion Mark Roberts. Llumar’s Canadian Tint-Off Winners 2003
First – Mark Roberts; 
The Mad Tinter, Brantford, Ontario

Second – Roger Berent; 
Trim Line of Lethbridge, Edmonton

Third – Masud Zubery; 
The Detailing Shop, Newmarket,Ontario

In the end, it was Mark Roberts of Brantford’s The Mad Tinter, who was named the winner.
“I know that I do things a little differently than many of the other tinters,” said Roberts. “I tint right off the car and don’t tuck the door panels.” 

In addition, Roberts said his speed allowed him extra time to double-check his work.

“Because I’m so fast at the tinting part, I had the ability to take some time at the end to perfect my window and make sure it was a quality, customer-ready job,” he said.” I normally tint a car in under an hour, so the time given during the contest was never an issue for me.”

A 15-year veteran of the window film industry, Roberts is still unsure of whether he’ll return next year to defend his title.

“The competition was pretty stressful ... The competitions are fun though, and are a great way to meet other tinters,” he said.

As in the past, Ener-Gard intends to sponsor the winner of the Llumar Canadian National Championship Tint-Off to compete in the IWFE’s International Window Film Tint-Off Competition to be held in March 2004.

“The success of the events proves to us that dealers really want products knowledge. Doing a tint-off was a great way to network with others and foster competition between the dealers,” said Mundy.

Are You the World’s Best Tinter?
Window Film magazine will be hosting its third annual International Window Film Tint-Off, held in conjunction with the International Window Film Conference and Expo, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., March 4-6, 2004. Local distributorships are holding local qualifying heats throughout the country currently.

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