Volume 7, Issue 5, September-October 2003

Dear WFM:
Reader Feedback

Artistic Applications
Dear Window Film:
I came across your magazine and was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed reading the article “Alternative Art: Decorative Films Make Their Mark in an Expanding Industry” (see May-June 2003 Window Film, page 18).

As a franchise organization with more than 300 locations worldwide, we have done thousands of high-profile installations over the years and currently are doing all the decorative glass at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

Kudos to your magazine for the relevant and timely reports you offer!

Nick Neonakis
Stained Glass Overlay
Orange, Calif.

Readers React to New Legal Column
Dear Window Film:
Thank you for the article “Why Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish Fast” (see May-June 2003 Window Film, page 16). 

I would inform the customer of this three-day recession clause and have him sign a waiver or wait 72 hours before installation, but most customers want their film right then.

I will not miss any of your articles.

James Piacentini
Windows Against the World
Naples, Fla.

Dear Window Film:
That was an interesting article (see May-June 2003 Window Film, page 16). Joe will someday learn to remind the dishonest client that glass breaks! I have been in the film industry for more than 20 years and have had only a handful of truly deceitful people deliberately try to cheat me. 

After all legal means are exhausted, I personally collect. I will remove or replace any job at the clients wish. While there is no charge, nobody gets a free job. 

The problem with dishonest people is that they get away without suffering the consequences of their actions. Most people are reasonable and want to work with honest businesspeople.

Robert Kersten
Quality Glass Tinting Inc.
St. Louis, Mo. 

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