Volume 7, Issue 5, September-October 2003

From the Shop
Ed Golda

Looking Back

Hello again, everyone. Here we are in the middle of yet another busy season. My company, Michigan Glass Coatings, is getting ready to begin its 25th year in business. What a wonderful life it has provided for all our staff, including me. At a time such as this, I can’t help but reflect on 
how quickly time passes.

I must admit, I love this business and am honored to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with you. My goal is to share information beneficial to your business from which you can learn and take ideas with you, even if it’s just a little something to give you a lift when sales are flat. Or, maybe it will remind you to enjoy the times when sales are cruising and you’re making some money. 

To generate sales, we’ve tried utilizing: television, cable, radio, newspapers, coupons, the Yellow Pages, postcards and thank-you notes, meanwhile tracking all of our results from each of these, 

The Secrets of Success
I’m often asked what works the best, but before I unveil the secret to our success in future issues, I’m asking you to reflect for a minute on what a wonderful business in which we are involved. 

Consider this: We have a product that is high-tech and performs as promised—sometimes even better than expected; we have something that is needed by everyone who has glass (and think about all that encompasses); our products and services are affordable; and we sell a product and service that everyone would buy if they only knew all the facts. 

For what more of an opportunity could we ask? Our manufacturers deliver high-quality, high-tech products at prices that afford dealers the opportunity to make a good living while having fun.
Distributors are standing by ready to assist us. All we have to do is ask. 

Getting back to the things that have worked for us for the past 25 years—I would have to say that above all things, our success encompasses an attitude in which everyone does his part to do the best we are capable of and do it with passion. It’s always best to under-promise and over-deliver.

The Power of “Word-of-Mouth”
Strive to offer your customers an experience that wows them. Believe me, if you can muster up this type of attitude, it really is contagious. You will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Why? Because we are in a business that delivers referrals to family, friends, neighbors and everyone else with whom we associate.
Our customers love to talk about this little known product when it is installed expertly. With the right attitude, you cannot fail. Once the snowball is rolling downhill it can’t be stopped. You will have the success you’ve always wanted.

So, get out there and get involved with your industry. Share your successes with your manufacturers, join the International Window Film Association (IWFA), get active and get accredited in different fields. Join and volunteer in civic and professional groups, and have some fun. 

I wish you all the best summer of your business career. Remember to enjoy the journey by not always looking directly at the short term. 

Ed Golda is the president of the IWFA and of Michigan Glass Coatings in Rochester Hills, Mich.



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