Volume 8, Issue 1, January - February 2004

        SEMA Showdown

Exhibitors and Attendees Come Out in Full Force At 2003 SEMA Show

by Penny  Beverage

At 10 a.m. on November 4, a number of the world’s auto enthusiasts were all gathered in one very small spot. At the doors of the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, they waited patiently for the doors to open to start viewing all the behemoth show had to offer. Even with four days to see everything, November 4-7, most find that there never is enough time to make it around the entire Las Vegas Convention Center where the show is held in conjunction with Automotive Aftermarket Week.

Those in the film industry tried valiantly to make it around to all the window film booths and see all the brand-new products on display. Following is a sampling of these.

Bekaert Provides Shopping Opportunity
Bekaert Specialty Films of Clearwater, Fla., offered its “one-stop shop” during the show. The company provided installation tips, demonstrations, a glance at its variety of films, interactive ad kits and its business enhancement program. One highlight of the booth was the company’s non-reflective Solar-Gard® true grey automotive window film, a durable, quick-drying, simple-to-install film. According to Bekaert, True Grey maintains comfortable inner-vehicle temperatures and also protects the vehicle’s fabrics from the damage of ultraviolet rays, while matching most factory-tinted glass.
Info www.bekaertspecialtyfilms.com.

Bojo Has Tools for Everyone
Bojo Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., offers a range of automotive tools which could be used in an automotive film installation. The company describes the tools as ideal for “any prying application where scratching of base material is unwanted.” Bojo offers a range of these plastic tools in a number of sizes and shapes, including the plastic general wedge tool, which has a general narrow point for reaching into narrow spaces, the plastic sticker/gasket scraper tool, which has a wide tip, the plastic pry bar tool, which has a forked tip, and the plastic wedge puller tool, which has a hook and pry tip and is specially designed for hooking and pulling parts apart.
Info www.bojoinc.com.

CPFilms Unveils Llumastar
CPFilms Inc. or Martinsville, Va., showcased its new Llumastar line of color-stable automotive films which feature a “no color-change” lifetime warranty. The company says that Llumastar films have long-term color stability and is available in dyed, dyed/metal, and automobile security constructions. 
Info www.cpfilms.com.

FTI Shows Off New Programs
Film Technologies International (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., promoted its line of automotive window film dealer marketing programs, including the Diamond dealer and Elite dealer programs, which include marketing support, store and POP displays and proprietary window films. FTI also demonstrated version 2.1 of its Proposal Generating Systems (PGS) software, an advanced residential and commercial bid package. 
Info www.filmtechnologies.com.

Global Unveils Anti-Static and Super Shrink Products
Miami-based Global Window Films (GWF) introduced two new products, an anti-static liner and a super shrink film. According to the company, its new anti-static film resists static charge build-up during removal of the liner, limiting the debris that could contaminate the film.

The company’s new super shrink sub-straight film shrinks easily for the film applicator on the job without jeopardizing durability.
Info www.globalwindowfilms.com.

Interwest Displays Scotchtint™
Interwest Distribution Co. of Denver, Colo., was on-hand at SEMA to show off its 3M Scotchtint color-stable auto film. According to the company, the films maintain their colors and never fade to purple. In addition, the films provide for excellent heat rejection and resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The films also can be used on vehicles with the GPS systems with which so many cars are now equipped. Scotchtint is available in a variety of black and bronze colored films in several visible light transmission levels.
Info www.interwestdistribution.com.

Madico Unveils New Film Line
Madico traveled from Woburn, Mass., to introduce a suite of cut-to-order window films, body graphics and paint protection products, including pre-cut and pre-shaped window film kits ready for installation. According to the company, a consumer only needs to provide the make, model and year of an automobile, and a ready-to-install kit can be supplied with its system. 

In addition, Madico introduced a new computer-cutting system with software and downloadable templates.
Info www.madico.com.

Protect-Gard Lengthens HP Line
Protect-Gard offers a new 99-percent ultraviolet rejection high-performance film in both charcoal and graphite. In addition, the company had on-hand its four new high-performance films, which come in 1 ½ mil in red, blue, amber and green. Protect-Gard also offers tools.
Info www.intermaxtrading.com.

Silhouettes on the Shade from Johnson
Johnson Window Films of Carson, Calif., offered demonstrations in its booth, along with its brand-new Silhouette high-performance window films. Johnson says the films block scorching heat, reduce damaging fading, improve comfort, enhance a car’s appearance, control glare, increase safety and provide a fast and easy installation. The company provides a life-time guarantee against bubbling, peeling or flaking for its Silhouette films.
Info www.johnsonwindowfilms.com.

Marko Tack Extends Solux™ Line
Marko Tack Pte. Ltd. of Singapore promoted its E-Tec™ series color film, which is part of its Solux line. The optical glare crystal clear heat protection color film offers a range of visible light transmissions from 3 to 60 percent, and heat rejection from 50 to 70 percent, depending on your customers’ needs. It is available in a variety of options, including 2-tone gradation film, PR series reflective film, Fantasy color film, Laser-x™ pattern film, decorative pattern film and the STT series.
Info www.markotrack.com.

Next Year
Next year’s SEMA show will again be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 2-5, 2004.
Info semashow.com. 


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