Volume 8, Issue 1, January - February 2004

             Tint Talk

                                                Laurence Streidel

                        Marketing Know-How

Happy New Year! I am sure that you are thinking about how to increase your sales this year, how to make more money and how to lose weight. Well, I can help you with all three! 

It is so crazy that as a business owner, all you do (besides tinting) is think about selling more tinting jobs, increasing client capacity and increasing price per sales. This is all called marketing. And your marketing efforts directly show on your bottom line.

What are some marketing ideas? Let me tell you some of mine:
• Take that database of yours and upload it to a system like www.amazingmail.com. Send out postcards!

• Don’t have a database of names? Go buy some, then do the above step.

• Take all of the business cards you have collected and/or look up related businesses in the phone book and start sending them marketing postcards.

• Print up flyers and distribute them everywhere—your gym, your local college bulletin 
board, your local auto park, your local car dealer and your supermarket bulletin boards. (Keep in mind that unsolicited faxes are illegal and distributing flyers on the windshields of cars will only make town officials angry and they will probably make you clean them all up.)

• Cold call! Pick up the phone book and call dealerships, glass companies, property management companies. Write a script before calling and make sure you practice it a couple of times. How to get through the screener? After a couple of phone calls, you will find out for whom to start asking.

• Start a referral program with related businesses. Pay them a small percentage of every car that comes in from a referral from them. Pay them at the end of the month with a professional looking statement. 

• Encourage every customer to “Tell A Friend!”

• Make sure the computer guy for your website is updating your website. You want to be close to first for the search engine result.

• Give your mom flyers to hand out, too.

• Go to your Chamber of Commerce happy hour, your town committee’s monthly meeting, whatever. Go to your local community meeting once a month. You will find the date in the local community calendar of events. Maybe a newspaper or a website.

• Go to a business networking meeting once a month. Pick a subject of interest to you, such as young professionals. 

• See those new houses going up in those former farm fields? Yeah … no trees and lots of sun. Go put your business card on their front door. (The post office doesn’t like unmetered mail to be placed in someone’s mailbox.)

• Drive by an office building and notice all of the blinds drawn down? Go in and ask the security guard about the sunlight problem and whom you can contact to help solve it. While you are at it, give him a card for your automotive window tinting business. 

• Put a compass on your dash board. What way are the other buildings facing? Walk in to a store that clearly is getting too much sun and explain that it is because they are facing west. A setting sun may be beautiful to look at, but not if you are a patron sitting and sweating in the front booth.

Finally, make friends with the local officials. 


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