Volume 8, Issue 4, July-August  2004


Franz Hyland: World's Best Tinter

Franz Hyland of Hewitt, Texas owns Shades Custom Tint in Hewitt and recently won the Third Annual Window Film International Tint-Off. Hyland took a few minutes to sit down with Window Film and talk to us about his journey to the winner’s circle.
Q: How long have you been applying window film?
Since 1987.
Q: How long have you owned your own shop?
Since 2002.
Q: How’d you get started in the 
I started tinting as a summer job.
Q: How many vehicles do you think you’ve tinted since you started?
About 40,000.
Q: What do you think the biggest obstacle is for a growing tint shop?
Finding good people to help.
Q: What’s the hardest thing about owning your own shop?
The business aspect.
Q: What are your future plans for your business?
Expanding services.
Q: What is your favorite car to tint?
All exotic cars, really.
Q: What is your least favorite car to tint?
Older cars with gaskets.
Q: What vehicle do you find to be the most difficult to tint?
Old porches 944 and Cutlass Supreme
Q: Did you encounter any obstacles in the tint-off, and if so, what were they?
No, no obstacles. It felt like another day at work.
Q: Will you compete again next year?
Yes, and become the first two-time winner.
Q: How challenging was the tint-off this year—in general and compared to previous years?
This year was the best condition for me. It was hot and humid.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Motorcross, working and mountain biking. 


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