Volume 8, Issue 4, July-August  2004


IWFA Becomes a Referral Center
by Carolyn Carter, IWFA

It is becoming a daily occurrence for John Q. Public to call IWFA headquarters to verify accreditation and membership before calling a tint shop. In one instance, an accredited tinter was not considered because the tint company no longer belonged to the association. Though the consumer was assured that accreditation does not expire, the consumer wanted a company “professional” enough to continue to belong to the industry’s only dealer trade association.

We confirmed whether or not the company was a member in good standing and if anyone at that shop had IWFA accreditation of any type.

This telephone service is just one advantage paid by a dealer’s membership dues. The IWFA office is open five days a week answering and returning calls, letting everyone know that our members are dealers who have invested in their industry and the public trust.

Many people go online looking for window film information, get our website, and call to talk to a person. The IWFA office staff assists them back to the website and shows them how to use the dealer locator. Staff members will not recommend a particular dealer over another. They do recommend member dealers, each and every one of them.

Commodities that are not purchased often, such as window film, scare the buyer. The average tint shop may not be able to afford to do heavy advertising in its area. The IWFA helps with that through its website. With more than 20,000 unique logins and almost 200,000 page requests per month, the website is providing information to many individuals. The dealer locator is being used more frequently by the public. As a member of the industry, are you included? It might be worth your consideration.


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